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Icicles hang like chandeliers

Melting raindrops on the ground

Children playing having fun

Making snowmen in the park

Hat,scarf, and carrot nose

Trees stand in an icy pose

Children play until its dark

Now they’ve come to close the park

Thomas Sims

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book mouse

pink hat


Molly the mouse was walking to school with Cheeky Monkey
When the wind blew off her hat into a tree,
“I will get it I will get your hat for you”
Without further ado
Cheeky Monkey chased the hat it blew into the middle of the road
Molly looked worried she knew how dangerous the road can be
“No! No! She shouted look at all the traffic can’t you see?
“You must wait at the crossroads for the little green man to appear.”
Cheeky Monkey just ran and ran he didn’t listen,the hat was near
Molly waited for his safe return
She knew Cheeky Monkey didn’t listen to her concerns
All Molly could do was sit and watch
Her brave friend weave and dodge
The traffic in his plight to capture her hat
Molly just wanted her friend back
That is why it is always best
To use the green cross code
You will always be safe on the roads

Gillian Sims

This poem was taken from Manners Bear And Friends my new children’s poetry book  now available at Waterstone’s

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The Snowman


Once there was a snowman
Stood outside the door
Thought he’d like to come inside
And run around the floor;

Thought he’d like to warm himself
By the firelight red;
Thought he’d like to climb up
On that big white bed.
So he called the North Wind,
“Help me now I pray.
I’m completely frozen,
Standing here all day.”
So the North Wind came along
And blew him in the door,
And now there’s nothing left of him
But a puddle on the floor!

My Snowman has a Noble Head

Jack Prelutsky

My snowman has a noble head,
he’s broader than he’s tall,
his ears are tin, his eyes are coal,
he has no neck at all.

Beneath his ragged hat he wears
a wig of tangled wool,
his barrel chest is buttoned up,
his belly’s rather full.

My snowman has a handsome face
complete with carrot nose,
his arms are long, his legs are short,
he hasn’t any toes.

He wields a broom, he puffs a pipe,
his smile is wide and bright,
“He looks like me!” my father says,
you know . . . he may be right!


Helen H. Moore

Snowflakes falling
Thick and fast,
Build a snowman
Make him last . . .

Snowflakes falling,
Swirling, slow,
My snowman melted –
Where’d he go?

Peter, the Snowman

Winifred C. Marshall

It would not seem like winter,
Without a snowman tall;
I’ve worked on one all morning,
With Ted and little Paul.
This is a jolly snowman,
With such a friendly smile,
We’ll ask you out to meet him,
In just a little while.

His hat belongs to Daddy,
His button eyes are blue,
His bright red scarf and mittens
Were knit by Cousin Sue.
We’re going to call him Peter,
We’d like to have him stay,
But sometime when we’re all at school,
He’s sure to slip away.

Snow Sentry

Kate Monroe

See the snowman
all in white –
stnading still
and silent-like
as soft snow
settles light
on this cool
long frosty night.

Crystal flakes spin
round and fall,
covering him
beyond recall.

Still he’ll stand
sentry tall,
keeping night-watch
over all.

Snow Woman

Nancy Dingman Watson

Snow woman, snow woman,
What do you know?
You sit so still
And silent in the snow.

Snow woman, snow woman,
Do you like your hat?
You sit so quiet
And comfortable and fat.

Snow woman, snow woman,
Do you like your clothes?
Your apron and your mittens
And your big carrot nose?

Snow woman, snow woman,
Sitting in the night
Does the dark scare you
Or the cold moonlight?

Snow woman, snow woman,
Here comes the sun
Are you afraid of melting
And being all done?

My Snowman Friend

I call him Mr. Frosty-Face!
He brings us so much fun,
With black coal eyes, and a carrot nose,
With a smile for everyone!

If we play Ring-a-Roses,
Then all our friends join in!
But, when the game is “Statues”,
He always knows he’ll win!

When I talk, I know he’ll listen
To every word I say.
I can shout, or knock his hat off,
And he’ll never run away!

But, when the weather’s warmer,
Then Frosty-Face must go –
Until the next time that he comes
With winter’s ice and snow.

IF YOU KNOW OF A LARGER SNOWMAN THAN THIS LET ME KNOW AT:poetreecreations@yahoo.com send pictures and information to us


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hanging basket

Let us take our baskets early
To the meadows green,
While the wild-flowers still are pearly
With the dewdrops’ sheen.

Fill them full of blossoms rosy,
Violets and gay
Cowslips, every pretty posy
Welcoming the May.

Then our lovely loads we’ll carry
Down the village street,
On each door, with laughter merry,
Hang a basket sweet.

Hey-a-day-day! It is spring now,
Lazy folks, awake!
See the pretty things we bring now
For the May Day’s sake!

by Evaleen Stein

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giantsnowmanOlympia the snow woman is 122 feet, one inch high and set a new Guinness world record.

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Olympia was made by the folks of Bethel, Maine, and named after Maine senator Olympia Snowe. The snowman or to be more precise the snow woman was 122 feet, one inch high and broke the Guinness world record for the largest snowman. Olympia was built in a little over a month to build, she is dressed in a 100 foot scarf, has 27 foot evergreen trees for arms, and eyelashes made from old skis.

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There’s a strange man

In my garden

With top hat and tails

He is looking rather pale

He’s been standing there

For some time now

Just standing and staring

And looking all around

He very often smiles

But doesn’t often frown

The squirrels and the fox’s

All adore him

As they pass by

He lifts his hand

To wave at them

And smiles to say goodnight

Thomas and Gillian Sims

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Keep kids safe during the cold winter months.

If your kids have cabin fever or a snow day off from school, you may be eager to send them outside to play. While snow can be an exciting element, filled with possibilities, it can also be filled with danger when not treated with respect. Help your kids to understand the potential dangers and keep them safe while they enjoy a winter day.


When your kids start begging to go outside, you need to get them all bundled up. Kids can sometimes get excited about their adventures and reluctant about getting stuck in some stuffy suit. Remind them of the importance of the warmth and insist they cover their skin. If your kids want to play in the snow, making snow men and angels, put them in clothes that will keep that icy moisture from making contact with their skin. Snow suits and moisture-proof gloves and mittens will keep away frostbite. Cover their ears with muffs and hats….

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It falls as fluffy as the clouds

Fat flakes floating down to earth

Sparkling in the weakening sun

Just like the tinsel on our tree


The naked trees are clothed again

As if they are back in bloom

It brightens up the winter dullness

You can almost forget that summers gone


Bird’s tiny footprints winding up the garden

It makes the winter freeze seem easier to survive

Snow is the best gift winter can give,

Bringing out all the laughter,


The laughter that has been gone for months,

Since the summers scorching sun

Wrapping up in layers and layers

Children racing to get out into the cold air


Ice- skating to the shops

And sledging down our hill,

Building snowmen in the garden,

Throwing snowballs in the park


Nothing seems to make people smile,

During the dreary winter time

Than inches and inches of,

Great big flakes of fluffy snow

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melted snowman

Where have all the snowmen gone

Melted each and every one

Turned to water then to ice

Gone to warmer climates

Where it’s warm and nice

They drink clear water

With lemon and ice

They eat strawberries and cream

And now live the snowman’s dream

Thomas and Gillian Sims

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8 Tips For Making The Best Snowman… Ever!

how-to-make-snowman-by-Etolane.jpgIf you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere that gets snow in the winter regularly, then you probably build the occasional snowman.

Or, if you’re like me, you only buld a snowman once every 2 years or so — which is about how often Seattle gets enough snow to build a snowman!

Either way, following are some good tips you can use to make your snowman totally cool for yourself… and your neighborhood.



8 Snowman Tips:

#1  Locate a good spot for your snowman.

While the inclination may be to put Frosty, Fred or whatever you and or your kids decide to name your snowman in the middle of your yard, the best place is underneath a tree or some other location that is partially protected.

#2  Don’t try to build a snowman unless you havewet snow.

Powdery snow or snow in icy conditions doesn’t pack worth a darn; you’ll just spend more time trying to put the pieces of your snowman together than you will anything else. It’s best to wait for conditions where the snow falls and it is just below freezing (or just above freezing). Those are the best conditions for making a snowman.

#3  Start at the bottom.

Begin by getting a handful of snow, pack it into a small to medium sized ball and then roll that ball around on the ground in front of you until it is large enough to support the rest of your snowman. Then do the middle, and the top part of your snowman’s body.

#4  Make arms for your snowman out of snow, rather than using sticks.

Me and my brother used to do this when we were kids. It makes your snowman look more real.

#5  Don’t dress your snowman in anything you care about.

Putting your favorite scarf on on a snowman isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do. Why? Because, unfortunately, people do steal items off snowmen. So, be sure and use things that you don’t care about, rather than lose a beloved item.

#6  Use food coloring to show your snowman’s emotions.

While you can still use rocks or buttons etc. to make the facial features for your snowman, food coloring can be used to show blush on the snowman’s cheeks. Or, blue might be used to indicate a blue mood.

#7  Be creative with your snowman’s features.

When it comes to dressing your snowman and creating a personality for your temporary winter friend, take some time when crafting his facial features. Additional props like hats and scarves are always good to help your snowman look more real.

#8  Be sensitive to others who live in your neighborhood.

For example, while using a carrot for something other than a nose may be funny to you and your pals, your neighbors with children are not going to appreciate an x-rated snowman. Also, refrain from using snowpeople to create violent scenes. We all see more than enough violence on television and in movies without having to also see snowpeople horror scenes.

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”Hold very tightly”
My grandaughter said
To her brother sat on
His little blue sledge
”Grandad will push us
Fast down the hill”
His face showed concern
At this dubious thrill
But then they were flying
With screams of delight
On frost-hardened snow
This dark winter’s night
Time after time, I pushed
Them and then,
They demanded to go
Again and again
Later wrapped up in
Warm bed-time clothes
They recalled the times
They fell on their nose
Or times when a crest
Saw them fly through the air
Oh what a night!
I’m so glad I was there
Don Holmes

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