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It falls as fluffy as the clouds

Fat flakes floating down to earth

Sparkling in the weakening sun

Just like the tinsel on our tree


The naked trees are clothed again

As if they are back in bloom

It brightens up the winter dullness

You can almost forget that summers gone


Bird’s tiny footprints winding up the garden

It makes the winter freeze seem easier to survive

Snow is the best gift winter can give,

Bringing out all the laughter,


The laughter that has been gone for months,

Since the summers scorching sun

Wrapping up in layers and layers

Children racing to get out into the cold air


Ice- skating to the shops

And sledging down our hill,

Building snowmen in the garden,

Throwing snowballs in the park


Nothing seems to make people smile,

During the dreary winter time

Than inches and inches of,

Great big flakes of fluffy snow

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