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The Star

I have a star that’s shiny,
Its like those up in the sky –
That radiate a brightness,
From the heavens, oh so high!

Stars like to glimmer and twinkle,
Constellations are fun to find –
But the star that shone over Bethlehem,
Led to the Savior of all mankind.

Let us thank God for the star
That led the shepherds and others to him.
We want to praise our  Lord Jesus
Beautiful star of Bethlehem

The Heart

I bring you my heart
That is now filled with love,
Because God sent a baby
From Heaven above.

I bring you my heart
Its so happy within,
I know Jesus loves me –
He died for my sin.

I bring you my heart
You should give yours away,
Give it to Jesus –
And be saved today!

The Wreath

I would like to show you this wreath.
Isn’t it shaped so perfectly round?
You see, there’s no end of it’s circle,
And the beginning cannot be found.

That is how it is with God’s love –
We don’t know when it first began,
But He promised it would last forever,
And one day with Him we will stand.

uld like to show you this wreath.
Isn’t it shaped so perfectly round?
You see, there’s no end of it’s circle,
And the beginning cannot be found.

That is how it is with God’s love –
We don’t know when it first began,
But He promised it would last forever,
And one day with Him we will stand.

The Bell

Ring the bell!
Let the whole world know,
That Jesus was born
In a manger long ago.

Ring it loud,
So all can hear.
Go tell the world
That the Savior is near!

Ring it for the saved,
But especially for the lost!
Tell them Jesus loves them,
And died upon the cross.

Ring it with joy
When to your friends you say,
“He didn’t stay in the tomb –
He rose on the third day!”

We ring the bells with gladness
Now at Christmas, a time of joy.
We thank our heavenly father,
For Bethlehem’s baby boy!

The Baby

I have a tiny baby,
I like to hold it near –
So it will know that I’m the mommy (or daddy)
And won’t have any fear.

God had a tiny baby,
That he gave to Mary one day.
She laid him in a manger,
On a little pillow of hay.

I love to kiss my baby
And I think that Mary did, too.
I’ll send a Christmas kiss to Jesus *
And then I’ll send one to you!**

The Stone

The angel appeared to the shepherds
And gave them such wonderful news.
As they started running to Bethlehem,
One almost lost his new shoes.

You see, his foot hit a rock,
Not a boulder, but a stone big enough
To trip him and cause him to stumble,
And he landed on ground that was rough!

But he managed to get to the manger
In spite of that rock in the way
To worship this baby, this Jesus,
He would serve Him till his dying day.

This baby grew up and was followed
By many as he preached and he healed,
But He died on a hill called Mt.Calvary,
Then to a borrowed tomb that was sealed.

It was closed up with a very large boulder,
A big stone of magnificent size,
But it would take more than this rock to hold him –
He had told them that one day he’d rise.

The stone was moved from the entrance
Jesus came forth on the third day
I would love to have been there to see it
As that great stone was rolled away

The Gift

The wise men searched for Jesus.
Following a very bright star.
They finally found him in Bethlehem,
And brought gifts to him from afar.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
Were the presents that the kings gave.
They worshiped this very young Christ-child,
They were glad their souls he would save.

I will offer three presents to Jesus,
That money cannot even buy,
And I’m sure that he will love it –
I’ll give Me, Myself, and I !

The Lamb

I have a little baby lamb,
Shhh, I think he’s asleep.
I am a Bethlehem shepherd,
In the field just watching my sheep.

One night an angel appeared,
And told us about the birth –
Of a baby that was placed in a manger,
He was the Savior of the earth!

We ran to meet this Master
And we fell down and worshiped right then –
This tiny lamb of Jehovah,
Who could save us from our sin.

So stay close to His side always,
This Lamb whose your shepherd, too.
He will never lead you the wrong way,
And will be ever faithful and true.

The Song

I have a song about Jesus
When he first came here, you see.
Its about his birth in the stable
Oh, won’t you sing it with me?

It’s called Away in a Manger,
And it tells of this tiny baby boy.
Let’s lift our voices to Heaven –
And sing of His wonderful joy!

By Cheryl Taylor

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