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Autumn Poems for Kids


Autumn Leaving

by Robert Patinson

The colours of the trees have changed
the landscape palette rearranged.
Rains have come in slanting bands
and winds arrive to rock the lands.
The hedgehog moves to hibernate
and birds fly south to migrate.

The orange leaves begin to curl
the winds and rain now mix and whirl.
Grass along the verge turns brown
the leaves from all the trees fall down.
The skies turn grey the air grows cold
Winter’s on its way we’re told.


Autumn Time

by Cheryl Sandberg

There are many colours that now appear,
once September’s here.

The trees transform before our eyes,
rain marks the skies.

Bold yellows, sharp orange, deep red,
beneath the sky of lead.

Birds migrate and insects vanish, 
harsh winds banish.

Days grow short the night time long,
hear the blackbirds song.

The winds are cooler the night air cold,
autumns taking hold.

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It's 2 a.m. and for the life of meI can’t sleep. Perhaps too many iced green
Teas. It doesn’t bother me you see
Not getting rest I mean, it’s the caffeine
That keeps me awake and I miss dreaming
Dreams that I turn into reality.
Those pleasant visions become the real thing:
A contrived visual modality.

Awake I’m between
A paradoxical dream
And veracity

In this state I know who I really am
Because I am the creator of them.
A fluid existence into this realm
Where all I dream is at my command.

The rules of conduct
Are for myself to decide
I’m the one in charge

Experiment with my thoughts and beliefs
with elaborated dream-scape motifs.
by Albert Ahearn

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I Dreamed a Dream

I dreamed a dream in bed last night,
Of places most bizarre.
Of ponds of liquid lemon pie,
And ducks that played guitar.
Of perfect picture puzzle paths,
And grass of jellybeans.
Of crumpet homes and candy gnomes,
Such things I’d never seen.

Of glinting, misty marble stars,
And clouds of thick eclair.
Of crayon boats and biscuit goats,
A weird and strange affair.

I flew past trees of centipedes,
And over fondant hills.
Past eight-leg cats and purple rats,
A world so full of thrills.

I dived beneath a soapy lake,
Through plastic kelp and Bream.
And swam with rainbow octopus,
Past shores of clotted cream.

And down below the treacle waves,
I spied a feathered bee.
But with a start I woke to find,
My pillows eating me!

©2003 Gareth Lancaster

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Dream Poems
Poems about dreams and sleep and dream Poems
I found myself in a garden of dreams
Lost with no self-esteem or love
Shedding tears for lost passion-heartbroken
Despair without hope from above.

I reached down inside to find myself
In my garden of dreams alone
Discovering weeds had taken over within
For tears in bitterness I’d sown.

Then one day when least expected
As I explored my garden of dreams
I prayed softly somehow for a ray of hope
For a miracle or so it seemed.

I went back through my garden of dreams
Began pulling weeds up one by one
Then found seedlings of faith still lived there
As I basked in the morning sun.

I discovered happiness is a choice you make
When looking inside yourself-so it seems
So keep watering tiny seeds of faith deep within
Soon flowers will bloom in your garden of dreams.
Real Dreams
by Zoey

She walks through the rain,
hearing it splatter on the ground surrounding her.
Yet she remains completely dry,
never becoming the least bit damp.
She realizes that this was her dream.
She was not touched by anything,
nor was anything touched by her.
But as she relishes in the amazement,
that her dreams are no longer a fantasy.
She wonders,
is this what she really wanted,
and are anyone’s dreams really their own.
Or does a single person reside on
the ungraspable thoughts that float through their minds
as they conduct their life.
in their subconscious sanity,
they are hoping for something totally different.
She treads on,
and watches the water spread at her feet.
The thought of never getting back to her world startles her,
as she opens her eyes only to be staring beneath her wood framed bed,
in water saturated pajamas.
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Dreamer Poem

Take up a lyre, my son,

and play a song for me.

Your dreams have just begun,

as you have yet to see.

The world is out this door,

so journey on, and find

that dreams are life and more,

not only in your mind.

The world will know of you

if you so choose to sing.

Your heart will breathe anew

and soon sweet joy you’ll bring.

So take my lyre and play

the song your heart bids true.

I know you know the way,

I send my heart with you.

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This recycling poem for kids is meant to inspire children to recycle and keep their environment clean.


Let’s Recycle

Look around,
there’s so much plastic,
Let’s recycle,
it’s fantastic.

Don’t forget,
about paper and glass,
Recycle together,
with your entire class.

We’ll make sure,
we never litter,
Let’s recycle,
we’re not quitters.

When we place our garbage,
in the right bin,
Both us and nature,
will clearly win.

Thanks for keeping the environment
healthy and clean,
Recycling is fun,
and also quite green.

by anitapoems.com


I think children are excellent ambassadors for recycling. When kids become informed about the need to recycle, they often get involved with lots of conviction. It really shows that they care about the environment and all the living things that use it as their home.

I think sometimes kids understand the importance of recycling and preserving our environment more than us adults. Adults often have conflicting views because many of our decisions are driven by money. Children don’t suffer with this dilemma.

Today, I decided to write an extra poem about the environment for all you wonderful kids out there.


Waste and Pollution

We all need to
reduce our waste,
Let’s do it now,
with plenty of haste.

It’s also important,
for us to reuse,
If we’re really lucky,
We’ll be on the news.

Our future,
must be sustainable,
We can do it,
it’s all attainable.

About our environment,
we need to care,
It’s the only one we have,
and we have to share.

Global warming,
and greenhouse gases,
To see the harm,
you don’t need glasses.

As a team,
we’ll reduce pollution,
Caring is
the first solution.

by anitapoems.com


This poem may be for kids, but the message is universal. Kids really do care about the environment. The rest of us just need to catch up and begin caring as well.

Have fun recycling and reducing your environmental impact with your kids.

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Food by Emma Richards (aged 12)

to cook and eat
is an art
yet a part
of everyday life
we take it for granted
not knowing
not caring
that others
may not have this thing
which we
so foolishly

Family Foods by Heather Wong (aged 11)

“Slurpy spaghetti,”
Said my friend Betty,
“Is one of my favourite foods,
For as I sit and eat it daily,
It stops my loathsome moods!”

“Nibbling cheese,”
Said cousin Reece,
“Is what mice always do,
For as their teeth bite through it slowly,
It stops them catching flu!”

“Eating Curry,”
Said Uncle Murray,
“Is the thing I like to do,
For as I quickly munch and crunch it,
I sing out VINDALOO!”

Foodaroma by Alysha Bhatti (aged 8)

The chef said, Hello
Welcome to our show

The spinach roll
Climbed on the pole

Spaghetti gave a whoop
And twisted in a loop

Eggie broke his head
And soaked the bread

Chicken gave a jump,
And landed with a thump

Lemon and the fish
Somersaulted in the dish

Strawberries and cream
Slithered on the beam

The kettle now sang
To join the gang

The spoons clapped away
And banged on the tray

As melon and the peach
Gave a thank-you speech.

Yum! by Jennifer Long (aged 11)

Once upon a time…
Two people went to a restaurant and bought
Three milkshakes. During this time
Four waiters walked by and asked about their
Five dollar milkshakes.
Six reporters were also dining at the
“Seven Chef’s Specials” and they watched
Eight other people order these
Nine chocolate milkshakes. They took
Ten pictures of the coincidence, and they appeared on
Eleven different channels.
Twelve days later
Thirteen television stars ordered the milkshakes.
Fourteen years later, and the shakes are still sold.

Food Haiku by Nicholas Burton

Food is a strange thing,
Some have too little, some too much,
Never a happy medium.

Eggs by Beth Kim (aged 11)

Do you know how many things
You can do with an egg?
You can eat them raw
Or boil them
Empty the inside
And paint the outside
Have an Egg Party
Throw eggs at each other
Pour the yolk in a bowl
Take a brush and paint with it
See how many things you can do?
Why don’t you go try them out?

Starving for Chocolate by Angharad Jones

Are you starving?
Or just a bit peckish?
Need something to nibble before your tea?

Never fear… the chocolate bar is here.
Let the God of instant gratification
cast upon you that feel-good sensation;

But all too soon the wrapper’s empty,
and those invisible fingers start wagging –
those nagging little pins start pricking…

“I shouldn’t have eaten that –
I’m bound to get fat.”

While in a land far away,
the greedy cocoa beans tumble
into hundreds of heavy baskets
And pockets
as their picker’s stomach
gives a hopeless, heartless, hollow,

The Sweet Shop by Anna Clarke (aged 6)

Strawberry laces – long, red and floppy
Rainbow drops – multi-coloured and fizzy
Creme eggs – round and gooey in the middle
These are a few of my favourite sweets.

Cola bottles – sizzle on my tongue
Sugar mice – chocolaty and nice
Lollipops – delicious to suck and last for ages
These are a few of my favourite sweets.

Chips by Nicola Singyard (aged 8)

Chips are nice
Chips are yummy
I like chips in my tummy.

Burgers are nice
Burgers are yummy
I like burgers in my tummy.

Baked beans are nice
Baked beans are yummy
I like baked beans in my tummy.

My Food House by Anna Hedworth (aged 10)

My house is made of food
but it doesn’t taste that good.
You see:
My walls are made of mashed potatoes
from a Sunday lunch.
But if you take a bite
they make a dreadful crunch.
My mattress is made of sausages.
My cover is made of lamb.
My pillow is just sheep’s fur
wrapped in a layer of ham.
Now I could go on all day.
But that would take too long.
So listen to your mum,
when she says;
Eating your house is terribly wrong.

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“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. “

– Thomas Jefferson


Let us not worry

About the future.

Let us only do the right thing


At this moment,

Here and Now.

Let the future take care of Itself.

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He shall, he be,
The child of 21st century? 

With a big, great head
Wheels for legs and guns for hands
Computer for a brain, 
A machine for a heart 

A nose with an oxygen mask 
And eyes with a microscope. 

With no sentiment nor emotion, 
With no feeling of love…

Only feeling of hatred
Only thoughts of violence 

With no care of humanity
With on thoughts of brotherhood.

Oh! How shall he be,
The child of the 21st century.

Just out of my thoughts, a wild imagination

Author: Harshita Soni

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top secret

Please don’t read this poem.
It’s only meant for me.
That’s it. Just move along now.
There’s nothing here to see.

Besides, I’m sure you’d rather
just go outside and play.
So put the poem down now
and slowly back away.

Hey, why are you still reading?
That isn’t very nice.
I’ve asked you once politely.
Don’t make me ask you twice.

I’m telling you, it’s private.
Do not read one more line.
Hey! That’s one more. Now stop it.
This isn’t yours; it’s mine.

You’re not allowed to read this.
You really have to stop.
If you don’t quit this instant,
I swear I’ll call a cop.

He’ll drag you off in handcuffs.
He’ll lock you up in jail,
and leave you there forever
until you’re old and frail.

Your friends will all forget you.
You won’t be even missed.
Your family, too, will likely
forget that you exist.

And all because you read this
instead of having fun.
It’s too late now, amigo;
the poem’s nearly done.

There’s only one solution.
Here’s what you’ll have to do:
Tell all your friends and family
they shouldn’t read it too.

–Kenn Nesbitt

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As round as a beach-ball,
As cudley as a bear,
With big blue eyes,
and sandy blond hair.

He giggles so loudly,
As does he cry,
So bold and daring, yet so timmid and shy.

He annoys me a lot,
And puts me through strife,
Yet, like a ray of sunshine,
He lights up my life.

But when bed-time comes,
He crawls away quick,
My baby brother,
Who’s name is Nick.

Madeline Kate Mccabe, Australia

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time flies by

I cant believe how quick you’ve grown
These last three months have really flown,
Suddenly you are smiling away
Making the sun shine day by day,
The sleepless nights have been so tough 
Each morning spent feeling rather rough,
But now you look up at me and you smile
I know each night has been worth while,
You are slowly growing, changing all the time,
I’m just so glad you’re ours, you’re mine
Your personality is now shinning through,
We are now getting to know the real little you
You love a big cuddle and a great big kiss
As you get older, this I will miss,
I cherish each and every day we have
As I know it will all fly by so fast.

Abbe Cutfroth

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