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The festive season is now well and truly upon us.

Understanding that this is the time of year that our threat levels increase, from risks of accidents and personal injury through to the dangers of physical assault, and from burglary of your home to the more serious street theft and robbery, it’s crucial that we apply the correct levels of personal security and have a safe and fun Christmas.

So, to give you some help, I’ve decided to give you my own Top Ten tips on how to have a Safe Christmas.

Sleeping on the tube makes staying
Alert and Aware difficult!

1. Awareness

The primary function of awareness is for you to start to take more notice of your environment and the people around you. To look for potential dangers and spot them early – giving you more time to decide on how best to avoid or defuse any situation.

The most important part of awareness is to keep a balance and to look for the good as well as the bad. So, for example, when you start to look for the loutish group in the bar that you really need to avoid, you should also be looking for the location of likely support, ie, door security staff, police, bar staff, your friends, etc.

Maintaining constant awareness is difficult and requires practice, but by becoming more vigilant, you will actually look less of a victim and the simple act of looking around you more and paying more attention will help to remove you from the selection pool of would-be attackers and criminals.

If we look at non-criminal threats such as falling over, getting lost, getting caught out by bad weather, etc, then good awareness can also protect us from these, which are in fact, far more likely to occur and spoil our Christmas than becoming a victim of criminal activity anyway.

Knowing what to look for is crucial, and understanding the patterns of behaviour of criminals is vital if you want to achieve the correct assessment of everything you observe.2. Assess the Dange

If you apply this to something familiar such as driving your car, you would be assessing the road conditions, the volume of traffic and the likelihood of the car in front stopping suddenly or pulling out on you.

We do this almost instinctively when we are performing a familiar act, but the process is exactly the same when we are walking home alone, in a busy nightclub, or shopping in a busy Christmas high-street.

Often the best way to assess threat is to look for things that are out of place or unusual. The one person who’s looking at you more than the rest in a crowded club, or the car that’s weaving and changing speed erratically, is just two examples of things that should draw your attention and stand out on your personal radar.

3. Trust Your Intuition

When it comes to assessing dangers and threats, you already have your own in-built bodyguard, called your Intuition.

When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. When you get that knot in your stomach that’s not from eating too much Christmas cake and makes you feel that something is wrong, then something probably is wrong.

Trust your intuition.Once you’ve listened to your intuition, your next big challenge is to control your ego.4. Control Your Ego

When your head is telling you that “you should be able to go out and party with your work colleagues”, or, “you should be safe to travel home on your own”, that is simply your ego talking and preventing you from listening to what your intuition is saying about the situation.

Be prepared to leave the nightclub full of drunks who are one more pint away from turning the tables over, and be prepared to make two trips to your car when loaded down with shopping to save you carrying too much.

5. Act Quickly

So, you’ve stayed aware and you’ve spotted a potential threat. You’re next step is to act quickly.

The more you delay in taking action on how to get to safety or remove the threat, the greater the threat will become and the fewer options you will have.

Be decisive and act straight away, whether that be to cross the road if you feel you are being followed, rather than continuing to walk and hope the person turns off, or whether it means getting up and changing carriages on a train or taking a short taxi ride rather than walking through a lonely subway, it’s all about taking action.It goes without saying that any action you take should have the primary purpose of avoiding the threat and the danger and not intentionally setting out to confront it or escalate it.6. Avoidance

To avoid being burgled this Christmas I take action to secure my home and not leave the door unlocked and lying in wait in the darkened hallway with a frying pan.

Avoidance, done early should be confident and concise and should not look panicked or frantic. This applies when changing your direction to prevent someone from following you to raising the alarm and asking for help.

Good planning and preparation can help with avoidance, and it’s really very simple.

Avoid driving in icy conditions, avoid socialising in hostile pubs and clubs, avoid walking alone through lonely subways, avoid sitting in empty train carriages, avoid drawing large sums of cash out at night time, and so the list goes on.

All self protection should be done sensibly and rationally if it is to be effective and also practical.7. Be Sensible

We can all take our personal security measures too far as well as making them too little. The key is to keep a sensible head on your shoulders and make decisions and actions appropriate to the situations.

That way you are less likely to be a victim and also less likely to lose your friends for always behaving like an off-duty Kevin Costner in Bodyguard mode.

Always look confident, even if you are panicking inside.8. Confidence

A confident demeanour is one of the best ways to avoid being selected as a victim. And so, even if you are lost or feeling uncomfortable with your surroundings, remain confident and, not only will the criminal fraternity be less likely to choose you for their next target, you will also start to feel more confident.

Walking upright, head up, positively with a confident stride and purposeful walk will all act to keep you safe.

Target Hardening is about understanding your potential threats and then taking measures to combat them in advance.9. Target Harden

For your home this Christmas, consider how secure your points of entry are, fit good quality locks and even a house alarm. A dog is for life not just for Christmas but they are still proven to be one of the best burglar prevention devices.

Ensure you keep valuables out of sight in your car, even when you are driving and always park in safe car-parks with good visible security.

Do your best to limit the time when you are on your own when out late at night and don’t flash your cash or show off the new jewellery you have got for Christmas when in public.

These are just a few simple tips to make you less of a target and send the criminals somewhere else.

10. Have Fun

The most important step you can take this Christmas is to have lots and lots of fun.

If you follow this simple advice you’ll be able to do that, confident in the knowledge that you can enjoy the festive season and see in the New Year safely.


Ultimately, Self Protection is about taking sensible and practical precautions that will help to reduce risk and better ensure your safety.

It’s not about locking yourself away and never venturing out.

Nor is it about putting so many safety checks and procedures in place that leave you a shivering wreck of paranoia.

It should help to open doors, not lock them shut, by offering you more knowledge and ability to assess potential threats and apply the appropriate measures of security to maintain a fun life / safe life balance.

What’s more important to remember is that you are still more likely to be a victim of accident than crime, so Self Protection really begins with ensuring you avoid the minor and more common threats, such as, Getting lost, Falling over, Breaking down in your car, Falling asleep on the train and missing your stop, and so the list goes on.

The beauty here is that, by being more aware and alert and taking better care of yourself to prevent these types of events, you will automatically be making yourself safer and less likely to be a victim of the more serious, criminal activities.

Stay Safe and Have a Very Merry Christmas

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It will be lonely this Christmas

Because my wife will not be by my side,

6 x 6 foot room

With four grey walls surround me

A prison cell 

That’s why it will be lonely this Christmas

Because last year I got drunk

And knocked A little child  down,

So It will be lonely this Christmas

I deserved what I got,

3 years in prison that’s isn’t a lot

I took child’s life,

So That’s why I can’t see my wife

I will be lonely this Christmas,

That’s what I have to sacrifice

By Thomas Sims

The moral of this poem





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Amazing winter animals around the world unite,
Although extremely clever they know not it’s Christmas night.
Each day the same magical chores, each morning cool and crisp,
Secretly they disappear into their own little world in a wisp.

Strolling through the forest collecting chestnuts in the glade,
I peer and spy a reindeer and squirrel inquisitively gaze,
Robins scurrying in the holly bush and weasels in the brook,
Our faithful wide eyed earthly friends, so sadly misunderstood.

Rainforests, blue oceans, snowy hills and sandy bays,
God’s great gift for all on Earth, not just the human race.
Indian tigers in their jungles, African elephants on their plains,
South American anacondas, all share the air God made.

The flicker of Christmas candles creates a homely scene,
Twinkling lights and warm log fires for some is just a dream.
Indelible Christmas memories, my heart’s feeling so divine,
But our love is the everlasting love of animals for all time.


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The Snowman


Once there was a snowman
Stood outside the door
Thought he’d like to come inside
And run around the floor;

Thought he’d like to warm himself
By the firelight red;
Thought he’d like to climb up
On that big white bed.
So he called the North Wind,
“Help me now I pray.
I’m completely frozen,
Standing here all day.”
So the North Wind came along
And blew him in the door,
And now there’s nothing left of him
But a puddle on the floor!

My Snowman has a Noble Head

Jack Prelutsky

My snowman has a noble head,
he’s broader than he’s tall,
his ears are tin, his eyes are coal,
he has no neck at all.

Beneath his ragged hat he wears
a wig of tangled wool,
his barrel chest is buttoned up,
his belly’s rather full.

My snowman has a handsome face
complete with carrot nose,
his arms are long, his legs are short,
he hasn’t any toes.

He wields a broom, he puffs a pipe,
his smile is wide and bright,
“He looks like me!” my father says,
you know . . . he may be right!


Helen H. Moore

Snowflakes falling
Thick and fast,
Build a snowman
Make him last . . .

Snowflakes falling,
Swirling, slow,
My snowman melted –
Where’d he go?

Peter, the Snowman

Winifred C. Marshall

It would not seem like winter,
Without a snowman tall;
I’ve worked on one all morning,
With Ted and little Paul.
This is a jolly snowman,
With such a friendly smile,
We’ll ask you out to meet him,
In just a little while.

His hat belongs to Daddy,
His button eyes are blue,
His bright red scarf and mittens
Were knit by Cousin Sue.
We’re going to call him Peter,
We’d like to have him stay,
But sometime when we’re all at school,
He’s sure to slip away.

Snow Sentry

Kate Monroe

See the snowman
all in white –
stnading still
and silent-like
as soft snow
settles light
on this cool
long frosty night.

Crystal flakes spin
round and fall,
covering him
beyond recall.

Still he’ll stand
sentry tall,
keeping night-watch
over all.

Snow Woman

Nancy Dingman Watson

Snow woman, snow woman,
What do you know?
You sit so still
And silent in the snow.

Snow woman, snow woman,
Do you like your hat?
You sit so quiet
And comfortable and fat.

Snow woman, snow woman,
Do you like your clothes?
Your apron and your mittens
And your big carrot nose?

Snow woman, snow woman,
Sitting in the night
Does the dark scare you
Or the cold moonlight?

Snow woman, snow woman,
Here comes the sun
Are you afraid of melting
And being all done?

My Snowman Friend

I call him Mr. Frosty-Face!
He brings us so much fun,
With black coal eyes, and a carrot nose,
With a smile for everyone!

If we play Ring-a-Roses,
Then all our friends join in!
But, when the game is “Statues”,
He always knows he’ll win!

When I talk, I know he’ll listen
To every word I say.
I can shout, or knock his hat off,
And he’ll never run away!

But, when the weather’s warmer,
Then Frosty-Face must go –
Until the next time that he comes
With winter’s ice and snow.

IF YOU KNOW OF A LARGER SNOWMAN THAN THIS LET ME KNOW AT:poetreecreations@yahoo.com send pictures and information to us


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200 (4)

Snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast
In a field I looked into going past,
And the ground almost covered smooth in snow,
But a few weeds and stubble showing last.

The woods around it have it – it is theirs.
All animals are smothered in their lairs.
I am too absent-spirited to count;
The loneliness includes me unawares.

And lonely as it is, that loneliness
Will be more lonely ere it will be less –
A blanker whiteness of benighted snow
WIth no expression, nothing to express.

They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
Between stars – on stars where no human race is.
I have it in me so much nearer home
To scare myself with my own desert places.

Robert Frost

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 Santa Carrying Shopping Bags

Wow! It’s Christmas, happiness coming

Now for the gift welcoming loving
Then to the church to bow before God
And to the market to buy me a gift
I have the fifty cents all for myself”
Fanny jumped happily, she ran out to shop.

Dancing and skipping she went on her way
Across holy Churches,
Across lit up houses
Across snow laden parks and snowy canals
Gardening, sweating
She had made her money.

“I want a present,
A present I want,
I had a hard time to earn these
Christmas is the best time to forget it all”
She cried out with joy,
To the man in the shop

Beautiful pastries and plum cakes a fresh
Packed up in boxes
She left from the shop
But lo! At the end of the street, she did see
A young dainty lady, holding her child
Sobbing away at the plight so sad

Tired she looked, unhappy too
For her baby was sick and hungry too
Fanny stood still and thought for a while
Then the gift to the child, she smilingly gave
The two of them,
Very grateful now, went on their way to their cold little home

Blessed is the child,
Who gift from the heart
Rest she will ever in the arm of her Lord.

December 2007

(I wrote this for the Christmas celebration December 2007 in my school. And I presented it there)

© Copyright Aiswarya T Anish, Kerala, India

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I live on the streets that’s me

No home to call my own

I play hide and seek

That make’s my life bleak

No warm clothes to wear

And no-one to share

Life is so cheap

I steal food to eat

I live on the street

With nothing to eat

I see people spending money

But I have none

I cannot buy presents

Santa won’t be visiting me

My family pass by

But they do not see

The misery

I endure

They are so happy

I am so sad

I live on the street

With nothing to eat.

Thomas Sims

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Christmas is not just for kids!

Is Christmas just for kids? I say-no way! Christmas is a time of joy for us all. I view it as an all-American holiday that has religious meaning for some but can also be enjoyed for the many other things it represents. No, Christmas is not just for kids! Adult pleasures abound and may be even more wonderful than the magical feeling children have while awaiting Santa Claus.

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to embrace the holidays in a grown up way.

The arrival of the winter solstice:

In the Pacific Northwest, where I live, we celebrate the solstice, because this date just before Christmas opens the way to longer days. My husband and I always enjoy hosting a gathering for friends around this time of year. We ask everyone to bring their favorite foods and wines to share, and friends who are willing to play for the group entertain us around the piano. We all wrap up the evening feeling warm, with a smile on our faces.

Time to enjoy wonderful foods:

I love to cook, and Christmas Eve dinner is one of my favorite meals to plan and prepare. It’s become a tradition to make a rich potato dish that’s really just sliced potatoes covered in rich cream and baked-I prepare this dish only once a year and savor every decadent bite! Sometimes we have lamb, and other years it’s prime rib. This Christmas we’ll enjoy a pork roast with the potatoes and lots of other treats, including a decadent dessert. I’ve also been busy baking cookies and surprising friends and neighbors with a plate of treats still warm from the oven.

Time to express gratitude to friends:

The holiday season is a wonderful time to slow down and enjoy getting together with our favorite people for a meal, a drink, or dessert. It’s a time to express appreciation for services done and for friendships, both of which we tend to take for granted during the rest of the year. I got great pleasure from watching our two pet sitters open their cards to find extra holiday cash and seeing the face of my next-door neighbor when I arrived with a plate of treats.

The music is amazing:

I simply adore holiday music. My favorites are Andrea Bocelli and the Three Tenors, and these two CD’s are getting worn from being played over and over. There’s something quite magical about having a lit tree that smells of the forest as a backdrop for Christmas songs sung in Italian.

So, while the Christmas season can be stressful for many, for so many reasons, it doesn’t have to be. Take the steps you need to take to have a relaxing, bright, and warm holiday season!!


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giantsnowmanOlympia the snow woman is 122 feet, one inch high and set a new Guinness world record.

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Olympia was made by the folks of Bethel, Maine, and named after Maine senator Olympia Snowe. The snowman or to be more precise the snow woman was 122 feet, one inch high and broke the Guinness world record for the largest snowman. Olympia was built in a little over a month to build, she is dressed in a 100 foot scarf, has 27 foot evergreen trees for arms, and eyelashes made from old skis.

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There’s a strange man

In my garden

With top hat and tails

He is looking rather pale

He’s been standing there

For some time now

Just standing and staring

And looking all around

He very often smiles

But doesn’t often frown

The squirrels and the fox’s

All adore him

As they pass by

He lifts his hand

To wave at them

And smiles to say goodnight

Thomas and Gillian Sims

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