3 year olds teeth decayed..I’m so upset – HELP?


My sons teeth are awful he has cavities in all his front 4 teeth as far as I can see his bottom ones are fine but my view of the rest at the top is not good i’m devastated. I don’t know what to do.

They’ve been bad for a couple months and just getting worse and worse he is only 3 and all the research I can find say he is going to have to have them pulled, how can a 3 year old go 5 years with no front teeth.

They get brushed twice a day but not for long he doesn’t mind his teeth being brushed on the bottom but won’t ever let me get to the top ones never has done and now this has happened and it’s all my fault and I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

I’ve been in tears for days just thinking of it, I know I need to do something or the next stage is them turning black getting infected and falling out.

He already has a chip in one of his front tooth from when he was a younger baby and so this adds to the bad look of them.

I feel I’ve set my son up for a lifetime of dental work and I’m heartbroken.

I can’t let him get them pulled out it’s just not fair, but they’re so bad and I know I’m risking things.

I can’t bring myself to book a dentist appointment. I’ve really messed up. Why did I never try harder..

He still drinks from a bottle at night, it’s his only comfort thing he has, no dummy or blanket or special toy. All he wants is his bottle and he gets very happy when he gets it at night and tonight he cried himself to sleep because I couldn’t give it to him, I just want my son to be happy though? He doesn’t understand why I’ve taken it away, he can’t speak and has limited understanding.

I don’t know what to do, I really don’t. I’m gutted, so gutted, absolutely devastated…my poor boy…..

I just needed to rant. Does anyone have any advice or ever had a kid with such bad teeth? Will he face being picked on with no front teeth? How will it affect him? Omg.


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  1. Unfortunately, his nightly bottle habit needs to be broken, that’s exactly what has done this to his teeth. If he must have it, put water in it. Make the dental appointment. If his permanent teeth haven’t started to grow back in by the time he begins school, the other children won’t think anything of it. For one thing, kids that young are more focused on themselves, and for the other, it’s not uncommon or children to begin losing their teeth around the age of four. Often, once baby teeth are pulled, the permanent teeth will begin to come down. Once his mouth is healed begin a brushing ritual as prescribed by the dentist. Even if he screams and fights, you’re doing it for his own good. You’re worried about his being picked on by the other kids. I taught school for 16 years. He’s more likely to be picked on for having rotten teeth, than for going through having them pulled and eventually having a nice smile through proper oral hygiene. Good luck. It’s not too late–you can turn this around.

  2. You might want to read http://www.amazon.com/The-Case-against-Fluoride-Hazardous/dp/1603582878. It was an eye-opener for me.

    That’s one of the many things that cause problems with our teeth in the environment we’ve created.

    If you don’t have fluoride in your water, it’s probably in the tooth paste and in places you’d never suspect.

  3. Some children just don’t have enough enamel on their baby teeth, my youngest daughter has exactly the same problem. First, do to a dentist, demand extraction under general anaesthetic. Then wait until the next set of teeth come through they should be fine. This is actually very common in children, except because of our dental hygiene issues no one talks about it. In Japan this is culturally a good sign that a child is receiving good nourishment and is healthy. Until the secondary teeth come through don’t stress too much. Finally, if a dentist dick about and isn’t going to extract demand he does as everything else is a waste of time eg fluoride paste on the teeth.

  4. Bottle goes. He will get over it. In ten years of practice I have never had a grown up say “My mom destroyed me by taking away my bottle.” Also, you need to brush his teeth thoroughly once per day. He can play with the toothbrush at other times but one good, thorough cleaning per day is better than two that barely do the job. You made the same mistakes that thousands of other have so don’t be too hard on yourself. Better late than never! 🙂

  5. Like, is not the appropriate comment here, but it’s the way the blog goes. :/
    So sorry about your son, my grandson had the same problem, the dentist told his mum, the problem was to do with the natural fruit juices he drank, so if you do give him lots of fresh fruit juice. You could try watering them down, or just giving him plain water. One good thing is, at least it’s not his permanent teeth. Don’t feel too bad ok, it’s good to catch the problem now than later as he is still a baby. Don’t beat up yourself ok, and don’t let him see you are worried. Just love him the same, and watch his diet closely, ok. God bless.

  6. I’m so sorry you have to go through this – I have a 3-year-old and the thought of anything going wrong with his teeth is awful. I have to get caps put on his back 2 year old molars because they didn’t develop properly in the womb (dentist says it is because I probably had an illness in the 3rd trimester when they were developing). Anyway, it is surely worth doing all you can to protect the teeth now (I had a very deep filling in a molar (baby tooth) aged 7 and as a result, the tooth below never was able to come through. I clean my son’s teeth in the morning as often as I can and throroughly at night after dinner and his milk he has in a cup before bed. If he has honey, sweet food or fresh-squeezed juice, I try as often as I can, to clean straight afterwards. Apart from those molars, his teeth received a clean bill of health and the dentist said keep doing what I’m doing. I get a lot of resistance when cleaning my son’s teeth, so here are the things that work for us:
    *We have a turn and then he has a turn (10s or so) after we have ours, if he co-operated
    *I get him to say “aaah” which opens the mouth.
    *Let him swallow (if only using a tiny bit of paste enough to cover one toothbrush bristle, it won’t hurt – we are teaching him how to sip water and spit that, and then working on spitting the paste too)
    *Use a very soft toothbrush appropriate for his age (we use a 2-5 years brush I think).
    *Brush very gently – just a gentle flicking action. If you brush too hard, you ruin the enamel and also if he feels pain he will resist you every time.
    *When brushing the teeth that are hard to get to down the back, advise your son that if you need to, you will be putting your finger in gently to help you see where the brush is going and to get to those teeth.
    *Use a reward chart perhaps with stickers – if you have an easy brushing session, a sticker is rewarded (he could help you put the sticker on the chart). When he reaches 10 or 20 stickers, you could give him a little toy or a special treat (that isn’t lollies).
    Hope this helps 🙂

  7. So sorry to hear that! My family and I have had some success in naturally remineralizing – you might want to do a search for flouride free toothpaste with minerals. Also a worthwhile read–Cure Tooth Decay http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1434810607/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1434810607&linkCode=as2&tag=thenourgour-20

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