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Kids Smoking Cigarettes

Every day, hundreds of kids smoke a cigarette for the first time. A third of those kids will become regular daily smokers. When it comes to adults who smoke, 68 percent began smoking regularly at 18 or even younger. A lot of adolescents develop an addiction to nicotine and find it very hard to quit their smoking habits.

What are the Signs that a Child is Smoking?

There are a few different ways to be able to tell if your child is smoking. If your child uses an extreme amount of perfume or cologne, he or she is attempting to cover up a scent that could be smoke. If your child is constantly chewing gum or breath mints, they could be trying to mask the scent of smoke on their breath. Sometimes if they haven’t attempted to hide the smell of cigarette smoke, you can smell it on them when you lean in to give them a hug or a kiss on the cheek. If your child is moody, it can mean a nicotine addiction is beginning to set in.

What can You do with a Child who Smokes?

If you find out that your child is smoking, the first thing to remember is to react calmly. A lot of kids smoke for different reasons including peer pressure or even depression. Remove the cigarettes from the child’s possession. Discuss with your child why he or she began smoking. Kids respond a lot better to a discussion than to a lecture. Set up rules about smoking and discuss what will happen if you find them smoking again. Find out how they got the cigarettes in the house and whether or not they have someone supplying them with the cigarettes.


Many governments have restrictions on smoking tobacco in public places because of the dangers of secondhand smoke. As of right now, Bhutan is the only country in the world to ban harvesting, cultivating, or selling tobacco products. Many more countries hope to have cigarette bans in the coming years.

What are the Effects of Kids Smoking Cigarettes?

Smoking cigarettes can have effects on both adults as well as kids. People who smoke are more susceptible to infections like pneumonia and bronchitis. Smokers have an increased risk of developing heart disease, many different types of cancer, and stroke. Smoking can cause problems with fertility in both males and females. Teens who smoke are more susceptible to problems with their skin and bad breath. Smoking can also hinder athletic performance.

What are Some Ways to Keep a Kid Smoke Free?

One of the biggest ways to keep a child smoke free is to teach them when they’re young about the dangers of smoking. Children are curious and are eager to please. Peer pressure and bullying can lead a child to begin smoking as early as middle school. Set an example for your child. If a kid’s parent smokes, then the child won’t see anything wrong with smoking. Teach your child about the importance of turning down cigarettes and other things that can harm them, even if it’s hard.

What are Other Dangers of Smoking?

One of the biggest dangers of smoking can be secondhand smoke. Sometimes an adult can smoke for a long period of time and never have a problem, but the second-hand smoke can give their child or spouse lung cancer. Secondhand smoke can give a young child asthma and can cause problems with a pregnancy. Smoking isn’t just dangerous to your own body, it’s dangerous to those around you. Teach your child to remember the dangerous effects smoking can have on the people that they love.

Kids who smoke cigarettes aren’t bad kids. They’re more likely to just be caught up in what’s perceived as cool or hot. If you have a child who smokes, sit them down and just talk with them. Smoking is a dangerous habit and can lead to fatal diseases. Set ground rules and don’t let them push the envelope. They will thank you for it later in their lives.

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It was love at first huff
It grew addictive with each puff
Constricted blood cells lose patience
Charcoal lined cavities bathe in frustration
Tears fill up the visceral space
COPD is a ratchet grace
Nasal cannula follows daily
Emphysema destroys homes
Two too ten liters guard your grill
While paying for an expensive thrill
Leave those cigarettes alone
Young and old the grave is home
Should you continue to smoke daily
Each disease you can bank
The oxygen that you breathe
May soon come from a tank
Haisi Robinson

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