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They say it’s going to rain today

So me and my mates can’t go out to play

Houses were built

To make kids bored

Whoever said that

Was right for sure

And so here I sit

Wearing my football kit

Still waiting for it to rain

My sister is already

Driving me insane

They say it’s going to rain today

So me and my mates can’t go out to play

Now my dad has got out the paint

I think I’m ill I’m going to faint

Now my sister

Is picking her nose

That’s what she’s good at I suppose

Now here comes the dog

About to pounce like a frog

Now he’s knocked over the paint

I think I’m ill I’m going to faint

They say it’s going to rain today

So me and my mates can’t go out to play

My dad is screaming at the dog

They’re jumping around like a frog

Oh no here comes mum

I feel ill

Oh my poor tum

Now here comes gran

With her wooden leg

“Watch out gran” I said

Oh no it’s too late

She’s slipped on the paint

They say it’s going to rain today

So me and my mates can’t go out to play

By Gillian Sims


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Milk Allergy

Cows’ milk allergy – affects around 2-5% of (2-5 in every 100) infants and young children who usually start to have symptoms in their first few months. This causes many health problems and is frequently not diagnosed, or takes many months to be diagnosed.

Most children outgrow milk allergy by five years of age so only about 1 in 1000 older children and adults have true milk allergy.

Milk and dairy foods are an important part of our diet, providing many nutrients including proteins, minerals and vitamins essential for growth, bone and dental health. It is therefore important that if you think that you or your baby may be allergic to cows’ milk, you speak to a GP or Health Visitor about it.

Cows’ milk and dairy foods are essential in babies and young children. Any child with a potential food allergy must be seen by an Allergy Specialist for an accurate diagnosis and to ensure the child’s diet remains adequate and the allergy is managed appropriately. See our factsheet Does my child have a Cows’ Milk Allergyfor more information.


Cows’ milk-free diet

If a child or adult needs to avoid cows’ milk, remember that it may be present in many foods, such as:

  • Milk
  • Milk Powder
  • Milk drinks
  • All types of cheese
  • Butter
  • Margarine
  • Yogurt
  • Cream
  • Ice cream

Food labels that list any of the ingredients below also contain some cows’ milk or products in them.

  • Casein
  • Caseinates
  • Hydrolysed casein
  • Skimmed milk
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Milk solids
  • Non-fat milk
  • Whey
  • Whey syrup sweetener
  • Milk sugar solids
  • Lactose

The following are examples of processed foods which may contain milk:

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Soups
  • Baby foods
  • Processed meats, e.g. sausages
  • Pasta and pizzas
  • Instant mashed potato
  • Sauces and gravies
  • Baked goods, e.g. rolls
  • Pancakes, batters
  • Ready made meals
  • Puddings and custards
  • Cakes, biscuits, crackers
  • Chocolate/confectionery
  • Crisps

Note: This list includes just some of the foods to be avoided in a milk free diet. Before any changes are made to you or your child’s diet, seek advice from a dietitian.

Cows’ milk is an important source of calcium. If my baby must avoid cows’ milk, will he get enough calcium?

Soya baby milks are fortified with calcium, and one pint will provide about 60% of the daily requirement for calcium for babies under one year.The balance of the calcium must be obtained from milk free foods at weaning. Occasionally, calcium supplements may be necessary if a baby is not taking a sufficient amount of soya baby milk and calcium rich solids. If you are concerned about your baby’s calcium intake, ask your dietitian or doctor for advice.

We prefer a vegetarian diet. Can we give our baby a soy formula instead of a formula based on cows milk?

Yes, although soya formula is mainly given to babies with cows’ milk intolerance, it is free from animal products. So, parents who prefer to give their babies a vegetarian diet can use it.

A small number of children will react to soya formula and thus will need to be prescribed a non-milk, non-soya formula for feeding. If you suspect this, please contact your general practitioner or specialist.

If you or your child is milk allergic then specialist advice is required because although some children do “outgrow” their allergy not all will. If one has had a serious reaction, then potentially another could occur. If in doubt contact your specialist or GP. Pure lactose does not contain any milk protein and therefore will not produce any allergic reaction.

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Lactose Intolerance

This is a relatively common condition, up to one in ten Eurasian people will suffer symptoms suggestive of lactose intolerance, although it is present in the majority of some African and Asian populations. This is not an allergic condition, but an inability to digest lactose (milk sugar) because the body produces low levels oflactase, the enzyme responsible for digesting lactose. It can affect both children and adults, and the common symptoms are diarrhoea, bloating, discomfort. Lactose intolerance may occur temporarily following a bout of gastroenteritis, with diarrhoea being the main symptom. Lactose is present in cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk in similar quantities As with all intolerances the only solution is avoidance of the offending food until one can once again tolerate it, which may be weeks, months or longer.

For some people there is a dose related response, that is one may be able to tolerate milk in tea, but a glass of milk would cause symptoms. There is a test available for the diagnosis of lactose intolerance, called a lactose challenge, and for small babies and children is especially advisable.  If there is no need to exclude foods from a diet then life is a great deal simpler. Your general practitioner (GP) can refer you to a gastroenterologist, who would give an accurate diagnosis.

In adults an exclusion diet would probably be adequate, and this can be easily attempted at home. If your diet is already restricted or you have a family history of osteoporosis (brittle bones) a dietitian should be consulted. Your GP can refer you to a state registered dietitian on the National Health Service. If there is no history of gastroenteritis causing your symptoms, then it may be necessary for milk to be permanently excluded from the diet, provided it is a well balanced diet this should not have any significant effects on your health. A list of other foods high in calcium has been provided.

If, having excluded dairy products from your diet for 3-4 weeks, with no improvement in your symptoms, it is likely there is some other cause of your symptoms, so you can then reintroduce dairy products and observe your condition. If you are contemplating a permanent exclusion diet, you should be referred to a dietitian for advice.

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It is recommended that older people have a calcium intake of 1500 mg per day. The daily recommended calcium intake according to age, as recommended by the National Osteoporosis Society, is as follows:

Age Daily Calcium Intake
Children 800mg
Teenagers 1000mg
Pregnant and Nursing Mothers 1200mg
Males 20 – 60 yrs 1000mg
Females 20 – 45 yrs 1000mg
Females over 45 yrs 1500mg
Males over 60 yrs 1500mg

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Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

The following are foods that have a high calcium content:

Food Calcium content per 100g of Food
Soya milk 13 mg (often has calcium added)
Chick peas (raw) 160 mg
Soya beans (raw) 240 mg
Tofu 510 mg
Red kidney beans 100 mg
Curley kale (boiled) 150 mg (absorbed as well as milk)
Okra (cooked / raw) 160mg / 220mg
Spring greens (cooked / raw) 75mg / 210mg
Watercress 170mg
Parsley 200mg
Apricots (Cooked) 92mg
Currants 53mg
Figs (dried) 250mg
Almonds 240mg
Brazil Nuts 78mg
Hazel Nuts 140mg
Treacle (black) 500mg
Tahini 680mg
Sesame seeds 670mg

Herbs and spices contain useful amounts, but obviously only small quantities are used.

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Mermaid’s Milk:


The moss clung tightly; making it unbearable to breathe, 
and she sealed her lips tighter than a clam’s— not letting the pain take over

As the stars drift silently, like ships on a lost sea of darkness,
she whispers to Hope: 
Swim free and look for the horizon, then come back to me...”

The night; collected on the leaves, 
drops fell like Mermaid’s milk onto an already moist floor
Striking the shimmering tearful medium, 
it gives birth to a shower of graceful pearls as the dawn awaits

I hear your voice drift upon a cool ocean breeze; 
gilded words of adoration 
I glide towards it, praying that it guides me, 
strengthens me, 
nurtures me 
like Mermaid’s milk

Touch as I might, my senses are in-different to please, my voice mute!
Be my Siren’s song and sing for me, serenade my senses back to life...

With an inquisitive tongue, I taste an almost scentless flower 
It is but a wisp, a whisper, a flick of a ray of sunshine, but it was There.

So much is lost. 
The rivulets of time, hear me, see me, like a ghostly apparition...
Capture me in that moment by lovingly painting me. 
Sing me a song while you do, 
and let the Mermaid’s milk flow again.



Heart Song on a Milk Carton. 


Wont you find me here?
Drifting in an expanse of swirling storm
Outstreched fingers graze debris...
recklessly circling reminders. 
Stand in the eye with me
Lick our wounds rebounding
Warriors victoriously smiting circumstance
leaving wolves discouraged  
disparaging darkness with insane glee
Walk here and find me
Reach out think here

You create me and I construct you
Piece me in missing places
Mending voids delicate and knowing
I slay inherited growths of insecurity
Stating truths untold to your beautiful ears

Know this warmth....
Let these branches sprawl 
grow in all directions to withstand walls closing in
A grand old tree would remain...generations of our eyes
taking glance from limbs strong and true

You crush my cycle--end it's existence
I'll destroy your boundary...kill it's constriction
Our tower stronger and rooted
Yet with loftier cloud grazing height
lets disorient ourselves in this foreign altitude
Touch this sky with me

Grandma Got Run Over By A Milk Truck


Grandma got run over by a reindeer
I'm sure you remember that song
Well that was my grandma who was hit
And again, they got part of it wrong

See, she really was run over by reindeer
But it was nothing like they said
Those deer were driving a milk truck
That left my poor grandma nearly dead

My poor grandma just got done milking
And was putting the cows back in the field
When eight drunk reindeer in a milk truck
Crashed thru the fence and didn't yield

They just kept on going thru the barn yard
Straight thru the creek and down the hill
Grandma looked like a bug on a windshield
With pieces of her wig on that milk truck's grill

Now poor grandma never seen it coming
Cause she was looking the other way
We even found that poor womans glasses
Stuck on a scarecrow near the hay

Well, now my grandma had not been drinking
Like that song had claimed she was
But somehow they try to make it funny
Seems like those city folk always does

Well, that's about as much as I can tell you
Because the lawsuit is still pending
Those reindeer got some north pole lawyer
And we heard he's pretty good at defending

So beware of reindeer driving milktrucks
For they mean to cause your grandma harm
And don't forget try to remind your grandmas
To look both ways when she leaves the barn

Got Milk – In Her Battle


I used to receive regular phone calls so gladly from her
I could feel all her excitements and when she’s so eager
Telling me about her and how bright the sun in her day
And all her surprises and experiences while I’m away.

Until such a day came which terrified and shook my nerve
A voice on the other end had seemed can no longer serve
I knew she was right there, trying to reach me out here
All I heard were sobs and I couldn’t imagine her profuse tear.

It took a little while before she’d finally composed herself
In a quivering voice, she told me that she’s at the ridge of a cliff
I asked her why and she said so sadly that she has a breast cancer
I was shocked but still quite skeptical of what I’ve heard from her.

She relayed the diagnoses from her doctors and gynecologists
She  got a lump, a sign of dreadful cancer on her left breast
Hiding the echoes of my tears, I tried to give her comfort
Feeling horrified but I tried to control myself with an effort.

It didn’t take so long before she has undergone an operation
Her left breast was taken off like a total fiasco on her own
She felt all the darkness which she never had in her life
I tried to light her mind, despite hectic work I was on her side

Once in a while, her close friends and co-workers took my place
When I went back to work, they helped and assisted on her needs
We kept her mother uninformed because she has heart trouble
But not with other relatives so they’ll know our situation together

After several months of thorough medications and chemotherapy
She has improved her situation also with her faith in the Almighty
Amenable on pieces of advice and religiously took her medicines
In her battle are also exercises, herbals, juices and other nutritious aids

Now, she’s almost recovered although her cure will take five years
I admire her courage, strength and perseverance -  all at her gear
The traits and practices she’d exhibited are also for me to emulate 
( She has considered me as her younger sister since we’re still young)
To prevent any health problems that come or knock on my gate.

Leonora Galinta

spilt milk 


The little boy in blue, with shirt of silk
Caused Mary Tuppet to spill  her  milk
When  the cat came in to take  a drink
There was a rat stuck in the sink

So the cat ate the rat that was stuck in the sink
When it came  to drink the milk that was spilt
In the house the little pigs built
Mrs Hubbard dog chased the cat that ate the rat

That was stuck in the sink when the cat came to drink
the milk that was spilt  in the house the little pigs built
Then the big bad wolf bit the dog  that  chased the cat
that  ate  the rat that was stuck in the sink when the cat came to drink

the milk that  Mary Tuppet spilt in the house the little pigs built
Then a big brown bear chased the big bad  wolf that bit the dog that chased
the cat that ate the rat that was stuck in the sink when the cat  came to drink
the milk that  Mary Tuppet  spilt in the house that the little pigs built


Land of milk and Honey’


Oh' The luxury to have plenty of money,
To be able to buy things, and live in the land of milk and honey.
Sometimes as Christians we feel that way, we sometimes get selfish.
I think as humans we should be careful for what we wish.

So a fleeting thought can cause us to burn,
In faith searching for our Spiritual Father we are allowed to learn.
At the end of our human lives we realize we can't take gold, rubies to eternity.
What Good is fortune? If not used right, and die horribly Spiritually?

The blessings of our Lord and Father, whatever is given to you and me.
Should be sufficient. He has given us His love and wisdom, don't you see?
The love of the gifts, the ones He's deemed for all of our families,
Is worth more than gold, or any treasures, He has blessed us all Spiritually.

His blessings, giving us the knowledge of love, wisdom, to make us better seeds.
Helping others, sharing truths, making Him known is our mission don't you see'
The Holy Spirit's breath, given to us from our Father, we should always treasure.
Making our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit known in this devils world, is truly a 

The Holy Bible says, "Seek, you'll find." "Look and you'll see."
No matter what' Our Fathers truth is right in front of us, for you and me.
We are children of a mighty God, that's simple, never to be sad or blue.
It's amazing giving to us freely, a message from the Father, for all , for me , and for 




dear diary the shopping line bread milk and the needle


Have to get some bread and milk,
always needing more,
Then to seek my dealer
needle him to give score.

Kids are always wailing,
never any peace.
Like a wailing wall
they never seem to cease!

Damp is smelling so much worse,
should withdraw the rent..
But where else could i go,
since that bastard went.

Can never pay a bill
the Post is full of dread.
They"re going to slice me off!
I never have the bread.

All we wear is cotton
what the hell is silk!
There is only so much Benefits
that i can really milk..

I have to meet my Dealer,
see what i can wheedle.
I need so  much...

Bread milk and a needle.

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We have all started our lives with milk – yes our mother’s milk. From then on we have always been guided to drink at least a glass of milk a day, by our elders. But most of us shun the idea of drinking milk only because it seems childish or you are too conscious of gaining weight! There are even people who depend on supplements that provide vitamins and calcium required by our body to function properly that drinking milk provides, because they don’t or won’t drink milk. Here are 10 good reasons to drink milk regularly.1. Avoid osteoporosis, hypertension and colon cancer. These are a few Benefits from drinking milk you won’t get by popping a vitamin or calcium supplement.2. Drinking milk can also protect you from tooth decays and cavity problems. You can convince your child about this by offering him/her a glass of chocolate milk. Don’t worry; there are no records of tooth decay because of drinking milk with a chocolate flavor.

3. Milk does not contribute any fat and so you need not worry about those extra pounds! On the contrary it has been proved that people who drink milk regularly stay slim more than those who don’t. Milk gives you many natural vitamins and minerals keeping you healthy and fit.

4. Milk is a very good antacid! Drinking a glass of milk when you experience heartburn can calm your food pipe from inflammation. Drinking milk regularly will prevent heartburn and other gastric problems.

5. For strong bones, teeth, nails and good hair, drink a lot of milk as it is loaded with calcium that helps your body grow strong and flexible.

6. Milk can be a good appetizer, especially when you are dining late. Drinking milk can also act as a stimulant, early morning or even during noon.

7. Drinking a hot glass of milk before bedtime can soothe your nerves and relax your tense muscles putting you off to sleep immediately. This can be really helpful after a tiresome and strenuous day at office.

8. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking milk on a few occasion3 instead of water. This can cool you body as well as maintain the water/fluid level in the body. Milk consumption after a heavy workout can replenish the body system with the fluid lost while performing the exercises.

9. Milk can also drastically reduce PMS symptoms (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) as it is a great stress reliever and also boosts the energy level in us.

10. Milk is full of nutrients that our body requires to operate properly. It contains vitamins (for red blood cells), calcium (for strong bones), carbohydrates (for energy), magnesium (for supple muscles), phosphorus (for utilizing the energy), potassium (for a good nervous system), protein (for growth and healing processes), riboflavin (for a healthy and glowing skin) and zinc (to boost the immune system).

Consuming milk during pregnancy and while nursing a newborn can help in improving the calcium content. Women can reap many benefits from drinking milk, especially during menopause, for strong bones and a healthy body. You can add milk to your diet in the form of milkshakes, cornflakes, andcocktails with chocolates, hazelnut syrups and replacing water with milk in recipes. However, people who are allergic to milk contents like lactose have to depend on supplements or other sources of calcium and vitamin to balance their diet.

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A noiseless patient spider,
I marked where on a promontory it stood isolated,

Marked how to explore the vacant vast surrounding,
It launched forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself,
Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them.

And you O my soul where you stand,
Surrounded, detached, in measureless oceans of space,
Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres to connect them,
Till the bridge you will need be formed, till the ductile anchor hold,
Till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere, O my soul

.by Walt Whitman

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