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We at Dads Can have been working like busy bee’s to create a new website, which is now live, please pop by and take a look, use, comment etc.   www.dads-can.co.uk

The new site allows us to do a lot more than this one, it has;

a knowledge base, where we have and ever-growing amount of helpful fact sheets and information for Dads, ranging from info about childhood illnesses, childcare, groups, enrolling at school/nursery, pregnancy, the birth and after birth (no, not the placenta- the first few weeks after baby is born), morning sickness etc. etc.

live chat so if you want a conversation or ask questions etc. we are here, (don’t worry its text, not video, so no need to brush your hair before using it),

mailing list, where you can hassle-free receive information to your in-box about all things such as child health, development, to whats going on in…

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Black America Web

A father is suppose to be a little girl’s first love and the person you can tell your secrets to. But sometimes there are things daughters wish their dads already knew. So it’s a good thing “The D.L. Hughley Show” is here to help all of the fathers out there. Listen to the audio to hear 10 things little girls with their dads knew.

Part II.

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When Dads Do Hair

Clothed with Joy

This is one of my favorite things ever, when Dads do their little girls’ hair.

I see a little girl with an elastic headband wrapped around her forehead like Olivia Newton-John getting physical and I know.


I know Dad did it.

And pigtails, forget about it, Dads don’t even try them. They go for straight for a single ponytail that shoots out of the back of that poor little princess’ head like the firing end of a rocket engine. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen it.

In addition to the aforementioned headbands and ponytails, there will often be some unfortunate attempt to hold any escapee hair away from the face. If you are an observer like me, you will recognize that this is usually achieved by one, and only one, hair clip awkwardly placed.

I’m not judging. I love Dads. I love Dads who do little girls’…

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crying dad

Hush little baby Daddys here

Hush little baby dont you fear

Hush little baby as i hold my tear

Hush little baby dont you hear
Hush little baby daddys son

Hush little baby daddy will see you soon
Hush little baby Daddy did try

Hush little baby dont you sigh

Hush little baby as i start to cry

Hush little baby daddy never got say bye bye

hush little baby mummy took you away

hush a little baby daddy misses you every day

hush little baby will daddy ever see you again.

colin thornton

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Baby let me tell u how I feel

Baby let me love u till the end

Baby my heart is urs

Baby let me touch u all over

Baby can I kiss ur lips

Baby can I rub ur feet

Baby look me in my eyes and don’t blink

Baby when the sun goes down will u be around

Baby let’s walk the hall of love

Baby when I look at u I see another world in ur eyes

Baby I’m tha man that can take u where u need and want to go

Baby please let’s go and don’t say no Baby this is my last cry

Baby make love to me till the end of time

Ralph Acosta

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From baby to toddler in the blink of an eye,

The last stage is hard I’m not gonna lie

The nappies need to go, say “hello pants”

Might be too soon but I’ll take the chance.

 A short time naked whilst watching cartoons,

I’ve shown you the potty at the side of the room

I keep on asking “do you need a wee?”

A minute later the floor’s covered in pee.

We try again every day,

But all you want to do is play

I encourage you as much as I can,

Pants with cars, and praise, “come on lil man”.

 So much pride I felt the first time I saw

You did a wee but this time not on the floor,

Such a big boy doing more and more

It won’t be long now, of that I’m sure.

 Months later you want the toilet instead

Still a few accidents as I’d expect,

But then comes the day you manage to stay dry

Even on a trip out with distractions close by.

The best day so far, I pray for many more

Days with no nappies and no wee on the floor,

Now you’re a big boy, my baby has gone

I couldn’t be more proud of how well you have done

Abbe Cutforth

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