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I want designer labels

But my mum and dad

Are not able

To buy designer labels,

They say it’s not a priority

But don’t they realise

This leaves me in the minority,

Please listen to me

Mum and Dad

I have to be able

To wear designer labels,

I need to stay with the trend

I need to show my friends

I can have all the labels,

You say you need to put

Food on the table,

Please listen to me

mum and dad

Does that mean I can’t have

Any designer clothes,

But Mum and Dad

Don’t be so sad

Gillian Sims

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Question: Should I Give in and Buy My Kids Designer Labels?
 parents  are asking  if  they should go ahead and buy expensive, designer labels for their kids. A lot of kids are very specific about they labels they ask for and many parents, especially in this economy are wondering if it’s worth it and how they should teach their kids about quality and value. I’ve got a few hints that can help.
Answer: The answer is, there is no right answer. Every family is different, and so is every kid’s environment. Though we might not remember what it was like to be in school, our kids are reminded of it every day. And every school is different. In some schools, kids take fashion and labels very seriously, while in others there is much less emphasis on brand names. But I can promise you there is pressure on kids in every school or club to look a certain way. 

And as much as I’d like to say it isn’t so. Often, especially for tweens and young teens, fashion is all about the label. It’s their way of fitting in, expressing themselves and aligning themselves with certain groups. As adults, this doesn’t always make sense to us, but to them it’s dead serious. 

So what’s a parent to do?

Well, like with all things, deciding on whether or not to buy an expensive fashion item is all about balance and understanding. First off, talk to your kids about how having designer labels does not define them or make them better people. Explain to them the importance of thinking for themselves. Then find out exactly what items are most important on your child’s list and work with your child to make the decision about whether or not the purchase makes sense for your family. 

Is your child willing to make sacrifices? Talk to your kids about your family’s budget for kids’ clothes. Is there wiggle room to get your daughter those Uggs she wants if the rest of her clothes come from the Gap and Old Navy sale racks? Is she willing to make that sacrifice? Explain to her that having a budget for clothing means making informed decisions on what items to splurge on and what items to save on. If you can take from her t-shirt budget and add to her footwear budget, she’s just learned to make an educated decision.

Is it the look or the label? How important is it that your child gets the exact label he’s asking for? Will a similar item from a less expensive store do? Sometimes it will and sometimes it won’t. For certain kids’ fashion items, the label is the most important part of the look–unfortunate but true.

Does your child have an allowance? Is he willing to put some of his own money towards the purchase of the sought-after item? If so, consider working with him on purchasing the item. If he’s not willing to spend any of his own money, but still says he wants the expensive item, maybe he’s not ready for the responsibility of owning costly things.

Will your child care for the item? Is your child responsible enough to take extra care of an item that you spend more money than usual on? This is a big factor in deciding whether or not she’s ready to own nicer clothes and accessories.

Can it be a gift? Splurge fashion items make great gifts for kids and tweens. She’ll love it even more if she’s been pining for it for ages. 

Younger kids, who don’t understand how much different items cost, could benefit from games that teach kids the value of money. Read more about some Money Games for Kids.

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