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Tidiness is a big problem with majority of the children. You have often found your children room a kind of mess. Everything is disorganized, heap of dirty clothes at one side, books are all over the floor and so on. It is difficult to get your children to keep their room tidy, but not impossible.

In many cases, the children are somehow have this quality of keeping their things organized and clean. But for them the problem is often their over tidy parents. Over tidy parents sometimes have a negative impact on the children, as they do not spare their child for a little untidy act. They always shout on them for keeping their things tidy and all that.

Parents need to understand that the children are not physically and mentally strong to do all the work. They learn with time and you have to give them time and space to learn things. You need to appreciate for their little good work to motivate them.

Hereunder are given few points, which you can follow to teach your child to keep his or her room tidy without much trouble. Start working early on your children, so they begin to understand the importance of being clean and neat. Follow the points given below to get your five year old or above child to keep their bedroom tidy:

– Hanging and storage space should be easily accessible. 
– Arrange plastic boxes with labels to help your child to keep things in their respective boxes. 
– Remove the junk and dirty clothes regularly. 
– Get rid off worn, damaged toys. 
– Make sure that your children understand what you want him to do before complaining. 
– Set an inspection day, after giving instruction your child. 
– Make them realize that the inspection will follow a reward or bribe, depending on their work. 
– You can use kitchen timer to count down for inspection time. 
– Ask them to do their work properly and in reward you will get your favorite food or drink. 
– You can award productive bonus to their pocket money on daily or weekly basis for their improved performance. 
– You can use star chart system to appreciate the work of your children. 
– While inspection never goes for perfection, always go for the effort and tidiness. 
– Before taking any action, give them warning to do their work properly till next inspection. 
– If you don’t find any sign of improvement, lock their toys for few days as a punishment. 
– For too young children, help them to tidy things up, this will motivate them and they will learn how to do things.

Never expect perfection from your child, as he is not strong enough to do the entire task effectively, instead appreciate the work done by him and motivate them. Children always learn things gradually, so give them time to learn and praise a single effort to encourage them. Punishing your child uselessly may have a negative impact on his abilities.

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