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Day 21: Snowmen

Fourteen Bears

frostySnowmen may not be specifically Christmasssy, they’re really just a winter thing.  But, there is the Frosty the Snowman Christmas special, and the song makes it into Christmas songs, and we keep our Frosty book in our basket of Christmas books. Like Santa Mouse, Where are You? our copy of Frosty the Snowman was picked up several years ago when these old books were being reissued and sold at Barnes & Noble. This book is not the words to the song, but an actual story format of the children making Frosty and playing with him. Corinne Malvern’s illustrations from 1950 are now charmingly old-fashioned.  The pictures look nothing like the tv special, which is kind of nice (and makes sense because first it was a song, then this book, then the tv show.)  Frosty might be the most famous snowman of all, but there are plenty of other fantastic snowman…

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