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Now We Have Everything

As I mentioned in my first post, we do go off on adventures fairly often with our little Bea in tow. The trips may not always be that fancy, but she will have managed a fair few air miles by the time she is 1, as well as some lengthy road trips! Somewhat inevitably as a result of this, we have developed some pretty good strategies for dealing with all aspects of travelling with littl’uns so I’m planning to create a series of posts explaining just what we have learnt!

As a couple we have always loved to travel and visit new places, and we were very determined that having a baby in tow wasn’t going to make any difference to that, despite what lots of people might have said to us when we were expecting!  It seems that everyone has an opinion on whether babies should go on holiday…

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This World – Shame

Me - Who am I?

kid gunMy son’s school is on lock down. Why, you ask? Because children aren’t taught morals anymore. It’s because their parents are too busy to teach them love or to care for them properly. Tomorrow is the anniversary for the Sandy Hook shooting. In honor of that, one of our local schools is currently surrounded by police because there is a shooter inside.

Not only is this a tragedy, it’s highly frustrating. Guns are not the problem. It’s how these children are being raised. That’s the problem. I remember when the only emergency drills that I had to have with my son were for tornadoes and earthquakes.

Now, I have to have “shooting” drills in my home. Really? How sad is it that we as parents must act out a school shooting, so that our children can be prepared for such an event? I’ve had that drill with my son, twice…

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Marks and Spencer 149


Christmas Hampers Sale
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Ready meals aside, M&S does well-regarded food, and boasts perhaps the best-quality range of booze on the high-street. The Food Lover, from their range of hampers, contains a good mix of puddings, pies, and plonk.

http://www.marksandspencer.com; 0845 302 1234

Fortnum & Mason 200

Fortnums are retailer of choice to foodies who prefer understated luxury. The Family Christmas Hamper contains enough wine, biscuits, booze and chocolate to sink a posh battleship.

http://www.fortnumandmason.co.uk; 020-7734 8040

Olives Et Al 85

The Dorset-based firm has been importing the Mediterranean’s finest titbits for almost 15 years, and their Big Huge Gift Box contains enough antipasti to see the most active host through their Christmas party season.

http://www.olivesetal.co.uk; 01258 474 300

Abel & Cole 120

The Gift Hamper, from this cult organic food firm comes in a re-usable wooden box and contains a plethora of eco-friendly swag along with a veg-delivery voucher to kick-start a healthy New Year.

http://www.abel-cole.co.uk; 0845 262 6262

Daylesford Organics 210

Daylesford, an organic “grocer-to-the-stars”, can’t be beat for upmarket meat. For something different, try the Three Bird Roast: a goose, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with a pheasant.

http://www.daylesfordorganic.com; 0800 083 1233

Turnham Green 90

Some of my favourite foodie treats are included in this Winter Spice Hamper, an inventive offering from this new ethical luxury firm. Big Tom’s spicy tomato juice is so good it’s used by Her Majesty the Queen.

http://www.turnham-green.co.uk; 0797 221 6693

Waitrose 99

Waitrose stands out from the crowd with a generously-filled range of festive treats. This option, The Wonder of Christmas, lives up to its name when else would you actually drink mulled wine and bucks fizz?

http://www.waitrose.com; 0800 188 884

Harrods 250

The Chairman’s Selection is an exercise in old-fashioned excess. Full of luxury food and booze treats, it arrives in a theatrical cardboard box, containing a wicker basket that can later be converted into a magazine rack.

http://www.harrods.com; 0870 732 1234

Inverawe Smokehouse 125

Inverawe’s “Ben Nevis” selection combines puddings and cakes with packet after packet of home-smoked trout, salmon, venison and pate, all produced from a family smokehouse in the Argyll Highlands.

http://www.smokedsalmon.co.uk; 0870 423 0236

Brindisa 165

The multi award-winning Spanish food specialist Brindisa offers an incredible range of Tapas-filled festive food baskets. But for sheer, unadulterated wow-factor, go for one of their amazing, entire hams.

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