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Two Three Or Not Two Three...

It’s heeeeeere! Today was the day we’ve been waiting two weeks for. The day that we would make attempt #2 to get our yearly Santa photo. If you haven’t read about attempt #1, you have some catching up to do [click me]. This morning was a little Groundhog Day-esque because I basically followed the same routine that I did two Saturdays ago. Got up, got everyone showered/bathed, we ate breakfast and then I got the girls into their super adorable Christmas gear.

Understandably I felt quite nervous as if I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or for the other child to throw up. But [spoiler alert] everything turned out fine. We all survived the hour car ride with no problems. We got to Santa, found out there was a 2 1/2 hour wait, successfully killed that time with no meltdowns, and even made a little reindeer…

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Hey everyone! As you all know, I work with children at an elementary school. I am always looking for new activities and I know you do too! There’s so many thing your children can do at home instead of watching television. Trust me… they will enjoy it and become more active. Here’s 25 activity ideas you can work on:

  • Make snow globes
  • Create a Book
  • Exercising
  • Charades
  • Musical chairs
  • Mold with clay
  • Make a kaleidoscope
  • Create a backyard treasure hunt
  • ImageMake bath bombs
  • Have a tea party
  • Make friendship bracelets
  • Make sock puppets
  • Create a puppet show
  • Go out to see a movie
  • Finger painting
  • Play board games
  • Write a story
  • Make a mobile
  • Write a story or a poem
  • Play dress up
  • Make greeting cards
  • Paint pottery
  • Read books
  • Coloring
  • Backyard or indoor camping

Thanks for reading I hoped you enjoyed these ideas and implement them at home.

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Kids Art Contest!

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baby children parents

In school, kids are encouraged to create, draw, color, paint and build. These activities can certainly stimulate children, and help them grow. Very often, these masterpieces that your children create are brought home and proudly displayed. But what do you do when all of the artwork begins to take over your home? Here are 7 great ideas: 1. FIND THE DIAMONDS. Rather than keeping every single piece of artwork your child creates, sit down with your child on a regular basis and ask him to choose the one or two he likes best. By the end of the year, you should have no more than 5 pieces of artwork that your child believes to be his best pieces. This will help keep the artwork under control, and will still give you an opportunity to save his creations for future memories. 2. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. Take photos…

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Reindeer Cup Cakes

A working mum...with stay at home values

Reindeer Cup Cakes

I thought these were great and fairly simple too

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Get Kidz Fit


Walking is the number 1 exercise

Since stating this blog I have been asked the question- What do I do with an inactive chid?  The number one exercise that I thought of is walking.  A simple walk for 30 minutes a day will help keep you and your child fit and will improve their health and help create a pattern which they can use into adulthood.

In this day and age where kids are watching more and more T.V. and spending more and more time on XBOX and on Play Station we are forgetting what going outside can do for a child.  There are so many things to see and that can be talked about while walking, this can give you a chance to bond with your child socially and find out some interesting things along the way.  It can be fun to play 20 questions while walking with your…

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J*Luli Designs

Make the next gift you give an extraordinary one with personal touches.
By helping design your next gift, you’ve given a special touch you can’t find anywhere.
Happy Holidays!

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Book illustrations


Some illustrations from my new kids book, Ku Ka Re Ku!

Available for sale from Blurb.com for only $23

I’m currently working on brand new illustrations for an English alphabet version of this book.




RJ Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro soccer club) fans will understand this one  😉







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More kid sketches.

Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

There’s no better place to sketch kids than the Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose.
My favorite exhibits are the simple ones: the floating ball machine that fascinates little kids and the pinscreen full of soft-edged pins you can make handprints or even bodyprints into. The kids really enjoyed the contraption that lets you control traffic lights the old-fashioned way.

The waterplay area at the museum is a big, complex set of tubes and pipes with steaming fountains, jets of water that push up balls, whirling discs and lots of colorful balls. Kid love it.

The Art Loft area is where kids sit ( relatively) still while they make little art projects. A great spot to sketch some kids while my daughter makes a little collage using scraps of paper, cloth and feathers.

More sketches from my day at the museum on my flickr site.



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Working together on a craft project can be a real bonding experience for you and your grandchild. It will allow you to teach them values without being “preachy” and will create memories your grandchildren will remember all of their life.
Try to match the craft activity to one that the child is interested in. As a grandmother, I have used holidays and important family dates to participate in a craft with my granddaughters. I always help them make a Christmas gift and a Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift for Mom and Dad. And birthdays are never forgotten. Not only do we enjoy spending the time together, but also they are so excited to be able to give a gift that they have actually created. We have great fun putting together “beautiful” cards with construction paper, glitter, buttons, feathers, ribbon, etc. Sometimes we find pictures on the Internet that can be used. Sometimes the girls know more about how to find them than Mimi does. One of the most fun crafts we did was for Mother’s Day this year. Their mother’s favorite craft is cross-stitch. Now one of her most treasured keepsakes is the plastic grid that her six year old worked on for several weeks in order to create a “beautiful” cross-stitch butterfly. It is important to keep the craft age appropriate and not to expect that the end result be perfect. The kit we used was one that is inexpensive and can be bought anywhere sewing crafts are sold. The four year old was also excited to give her Mom a “sewing” project. I used colored craft foam and cut out a large heart. Holes were punched along the edge and my granddaughter used a plastic needle to lace plastic “thread” through the holes. It is now also one of her Mom’s most valuable treasures.

One of the important concepts communicated to the child when I help them with a gift for their parents, is that I value their parents. Two of my granddaughters are now six and four years old, and they are aware that their father is my son. I use this as an opportunity to speak to them about families and how they love and care for each other. When we make a gift for their mother I make sure they know that I also value and appreciate her and consider her to be a good mother.
My husband also uses crafts and games to bond with the girls. One of the most fun activities was the time he helped them to make wooden boats with sails and then both families (along with their eighty three year old great grandmother) went down to the neighborhood pond and floated the boats. It was a great bonding experience for the whole family and the girls still talk about the memory that was created. A little different spin on the craft idea for my husband is his cache of child friendly toys. He is always finding something unusual, a lot of times something that was more popular in a bygone era. An example is a set of pick-up sticks. It was a big hit and something the children have enjoyed doing with “Pa”. He keeps the collection in a special place and when he gets it out, they are always eager to re-visit the items they’ve seen before and see what new treasures Pa has added.

I believe that even at such young ages, children know and value time spent with them over material gifts. Crafts (and games) are a wonderful way for grandparents to fill up that time with activities that will create memories that last a lifetime.

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