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It is time to give

To the less fortunate than ourselves

It is time to pray

For all the hungry people in the world,

It is time for peace

To unleash,

All of the anger we hold within,

It is time

To forget our needs

Let the poor breathe

Good  health,

Let their faces sparkle

From wealth

It is time

When the world

Should be sowing a seed

To dismiss all the greed

To concentrate on peace,

It is time to sow a seed of hope

To let all the bad things go

It is time to bring happiness

It is time I know

 Gillian Sims

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Care For My World is a new and innovative green education programme that teaches the young as well as seniors to Think, Act and Care for People and for Planet. They have organised a musical and educational show for children and their families, see below.

Visit their website or Facebook page for more details or to keep updated on their activities!

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It’s raining in my bedroom.
It’s been this way all week.
I think the upstairs neighbor’s plumbing
might have sprung a leak.
They may be on vacation.
They must be out of town.
And, all the while, my bedroom rain
continues pouring down.
My shoes have gotten soggy.
My bed is growing mold.
A pond is forming on my floor.
It’s all so wet and cold,
that frogs have started spawning.
An otter wandered through
with salmon splashing upstream,
and some guy in a canoe.
Now waves are growing larger.
The weather’s turning grim.
A tide is rising rapidly.
I’m glad that I can swim.
My parents called the plumber.
He’s nowhere to be seen.
Does anybody know where I
can buy a submarine?

–Kenn Nesbitt

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A funny old ryhme my mother used to sing to us does anyone else remember it or know its origin:

” Oh Jemima look at your uncle Jim,
he’s in the duck pond learning how to swim,
first he does the breast stroke, …
then he does the side, 
but now he’s under the water
swimming against the tide”…

Dedicated to my mum Josie Icke (nee Lomas) 11.11.1923- 20.10.93
Originally born Tideswell, High Peak but lived in Coniston Avenue, Litle Hulton, Salford 1952 -1993.

And my friend Nigel found another version of the same rhyme/tune.. was this a second verse or the original rhyme that was changed for fun?

“Oh Aunt Jemima, look at your Uncle Jim 
Scrubbing out the passage with water, soap and vim. 
First he kneels on his left knee 
Then he kneels on his right 
Now he’s knelt on a bar of soap 
And skidded right out of sight”

Sent to you by Simon Icke #SimonIckeUK

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A month of poetry

eswce bookclub

This week the Book Club will be meeting again to discuss children’s poetry! I’m really looking forward to sharing some fun poems and discussing why children enjoy poetry. Poetry is something which should be shared from a young age so I thought I would share with you this lovely book.

Poetryforbabies (1)I picked this up in the bookshop at Seven Stories in Newcastle and it is a beautiful book filled with a series of short poems relevant to young lives. It also contains a set of gorgeous illustrations.

Poetryforbabies (2)Poetryforbabies (3)If you have young children then this book is an ideal introduction to poetry and if you don’t but you love good poems then you should get hold of a copy anyway!


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Walk in circles
Run in squares
Skip in zig zags
Jump up stairs

Step over cracks
Walk backwards
Splash in puddles
Balance on curbs

No need to talk
Just love walks
Might sing a note
Off with my socks

Toes sparkle
Feet are so cold
Crunch of leaves
In no ones mold

Being free, young
What I want, I’ll do
No chains on me
You should try it too

Bernadette Rivera USA

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On a Lilly pad a frog sat alone
He jumped in the water, a splash he’d known
Frog swam and swam until he met his pal
On another Lilly pad sat crazy Hal

Hal had ideas the frog wasn’t sure
His plans were not always completely pure
Frog followed Hal thru the grassy quagmire
They’d gone fairly far, Frog began to tire

It started to sprinkle very large drops
The two hid in the marsh with a few hops
Hal whispered his plan in Frogs little ear
To scare Miss Lady it became very clear

Miss Lady was such a beautiful gal
She really liked Frog but not ornery Hal
She…always waiting for some sneaky prank
Tired of their shenanigans to be quite frank

Miss Lady was going to turn the table
Prank those two, she was perfectly able
She set up her plan in the mossy bog
When here came that Hal, followed by Frog

Miss Lady was on her favorite pad
She couldn’t help but be a little mad
Miss Lady cried out, she needed a hand
She led them just inches from quicksand

This little prank could have been quite a mess
Miss Lady scared them she had to confess
They quickly backed up in total surprise
The three agreed to end pranks and eat some flies
Bernadette Rivera 

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  • Clock-Cartoon-Worried                                                                     
  •    The Clock Poem 
  •  I’m in the clock crew and I’m okay!
  • I tick all night and I tick all day.
  • I’ve got two hands, I’m having a ball,
  • Because I’ve got no arms at all!
  • My big hand can move sixty minutes in one hour,
  • I’m the one with the strength and power.
  • My small hand isn’t quite as fast.
  • If they were in a race, it would come last!
  • It takes so long just to get around (12 hours you know),
  • It’s careful, small, and slow.
  • Now meet my friends that help me tick-tock,
  • Half past, quarter past, quarter to and o’clock.

clock2cartoon-alarm-clock 1

The Faces Of The Clock

The Big Hand is busy
But the Small Hand has power.
The large one counts the minutes.
But the Little One names the hour.

When both Hands stand at the top together,
It’s sure to be Twelve O’clock. But whether
That’s twelve at noon or twelve at night
Depends on if it’s dark or light.


Clock Song

(to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”)

The hands on the clock go round and round,
Round and round, round and round.
The hands on the clock go round and round.
To tell us the time.

The short hand on the clock
Goes from number to number,
Number to number, number to number.
The short hand on the clock
Goes from number to number.
To tell us the time.

The long hand on the clock
Goes around by fives,
Around by fives, around by fives.
The long hand on the clock
Goes around by fives.
To tell us the minutes.

Hickory dickory dock

Hickory Dickory Dock

HIckory Dickory Dock,
The mouse ran up the clock;
The clock struck One,
The mouse ran down,
Hickory Dickory Dock!

Hickory Dickory Dock,
The mouse ran up the clock;
The clock struck Two,
The mouse said BOO!
Hickory Dickory Dock!

Hickory Dickory Dock,
The mouse ran up the clock;
The clock struck Three,
The mouse said Wheeeee..

As he slid down the clock!

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Large Clock MethodPaper Method

Teaching a kid to tell time is a watermark in his or her life. However, using two numbering systems at once (1 through 12 and 1 through 60) can be very difficult to conceptualize at a young age. To teach kids to tell time, try the following methods.


  1. 1

    Make sure the child can count to 60. Trying to teach the minutes in an hour before the child can count that high will be discouraging for the child and unproductive for both of you.

  2. 2

    Teach the 5 times tables. Understanding 5…10…15…20…etc. will make it much easier to conceptualize the minute hand on a clock.


Method 1 of 2: Large Clock Method

  1. 1

    Get a large clock with big hands. A clock with no glass or plastic cover and easily maneuverable hands will be the most approachable to work with.

  2. 2

    Explain that the short hand is the hour hand. Keeping the minute hand at 12, move the hour hand to various positions on the clock. Explain that any time the minute hand is exactly over the 12, it is __ o’clock. Allow the child to move the hour hand around until (s)he is comfortable reading it.

  3. 3

    Explain that the long hand is the minute hand. Keeping the hour hand stationary, move the minute hand around and explain what each position means to your child. Start by covering the 5-minute marks; once they understand those, progress to the “off” numbers like 12 and 37. Allow the child to move the minute hand around and practice reading it until (s)he is comfortable. Don’t worry about hours for the time being.

  4. 4

    Demonstrate how to read the hour and minute hand together. Start with simple times (ex. 1:30, 4:45, 8:05) before moving on to more complicated ones (ex. 2:37, 12:59) – especially ones with overlapping hands (ex. 1:05).

  5. 5

    Allow the child to quiz you. This will give him/her confidence and a sense of control while simultaneously getting in another form of practice.

  6. 6

    Quiz the child. Always be sure to do this after he or she has mastered the concepts as an encouragement technique.


Method 2 of 2: Paper Method

  1. 1

    Teach the child how to draw the face of clock on paper. To make it more fun, cut out a circular piece of paper beforehand (or use a paper plate) and fold it into four sections; the centre point (where the two folds cross) and the major markers (12, 3, 6, and 9 ) will then be clear.

  2. 2

    Create “pie slices” on the clock. Draw a line from the center of the clock outwards to each of the 12 hour markers. Allow the child to color each pie slice differently if (s)he wants. (Starting with red at 1 o’clock and working upwards through the rainbow will make the number progression more intuitive than simply coloring each section randomly.)

  3. 3

    Use a crayon to demonstrate how the hour hand works. Move the crayon to various positions on the clock. Use the pie slices to your advantage by explaining that anything within a certain slice is __ o’clock. (Ex. the first, red slice is 1, the second, orange slice is 2, etc.) Allow the child to move the crayon around until (s)he is comfortable reading it.

  4. 4

    Draw a second clock numbered 1 through 12 with tic marks for the minutes.Don’t separate this clock into slices or color each section differently; that method makes less sense when dealing with minutes.

  5. 5

    Use a pencil to demonstrate how the minute hand works. Move it to various positions around the clock and explain what each position means to your child. Start by covering the 5-minute marks; once they understand those, progress to the “off” numbers like 24 and 51. Allow the child to move the pencil around and practice reading it until (s)he is comfortable. Don’t worry about hours for the time being.

  6. 6

    Demonstrate times using the pencil and crayon together. Make it clear that the short hand (crayon) always shows the hour and the long hand (pencil) always shows the minutes. Position them to show simple times (ex. 1:30, 4:45, 8:05) before moving on to more complicated ones (ex. 2:37, 4:59). When the child is comfortable with these, demonstrate times with overlapping hands (ex. 12:00, 1:05).

  7. 7

    Allow the child to quiz you. Have him or her list important times of the day (ex. bedtime, breakfast, when the bus arrives) and demonstrate them on the paper clock. Once you’re confident in his or her ability, make a mistake and allow yourself to be corrected.

  8. 8

    Quiz your child. Always be sure to do this after he or she has mastered the concepts as an encouragement technique.



  • It works she some times is confused and we used a dinner plate with paint an cut a hole in the middle put a crayon as the hour and the penciled as the minute hand you should call them hands it makes it easier to let them understand more easy😄😃😀.
  • Make your kids have fun making the clock.
  • To make a circular practice clock, trace around a dinner plate
  • Guide them through the process of building a toy clock of their own. They can use this clock while learning to recognize the time that they wake up and have breakfast. Then, help them learn to recognize the time they go to school. Show them where the hours and minutes are, when they get home from school, and have dinner and watch television. Do this with them regularly.

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Lettuce Eat Green


As a child, I wasn’t a particularly picky eater. I loved snacking on orange slices, cauliflower florets and cottage cheese.  I’d try any green veggie that was smeared with a little butter, and I loved a savoury mash of turnip and carrot.

That isn’t always the case with kids. Their growing bodies and developing minds need high quality nutrition. Yet, their sensitive taste buds can dictate otherwise. I’m not a mom yet, so I enlisted the help of my good friend Karie, veteran blogger and local super-mom, to teach us a few tricks for little picky eaters. 

Vegetables and kids can be a bit of a conundrum.

Veggies tend to get a bad rap with the little ones. It makes sense; it’s hard for broccoli to compete with, let along win against, peanut butter and macaroni.

Children between the ages of two and 13 need at least four to six serving…

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