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When you find your dog is in love, or you want to make the breeding experience more “genuine”, an option available to you is hosting a dog wedding. It can be a fun affair, and a good way to get dogs and their owners to socialize.


  1. Decide on the groom or bride for your dog. If it’s your own dogs, no problems. If it’s someone else’s dog, you’ll need to organize this with the owner.

    Some people won’t be interested in doing this. Be sure to choose an owner who thinks it’s a fun thing to do. 
  2. Decide on the formality of the occasion. Is it serious, or just a casual affair to have fun at? Since it’s about pets, try not to take this too seriously!

  3. For formal affairs, you may want to do the following:


    • Buy dog clothes
    • Prepare a cake(s)
    • Get a celebrant willing to marry dogs.
  4. If you want to go casual, try the following:


    • Set out a few dog snacks and human snacks
    • Just set up a garden spot for the celebrations.
  5. Either way, send invitations out a few days beforehand, to give people notice. Decide if you want them to bring their own dogs too or whether this will be a hassle. The dogs should already know each other and get along or else they may fight and spoil the occasion.


    • Be sure to let owners know what to wear and bring.
  6. Decorate the area! This can be simple, from having a table cloth and a bit of balloons around the “altar,” or you can go all-out and have streamers and an aisle.

  7. Decide on what music to have, if any. You might like to find songs with dog barks, etc. in them. Check out iTunes, and similar sites for ideas.

  8. Organize someone to take photos. This is a special occasion and keepsake photo memories will be important.

  9. Have some really fun things arranged for the dogs to play after the ceremony. The dogs will want to release energy afterward.

  • Find out how many dogs and people are going to be there, so you know if you will have enough room.
  • Make it special for you and your dog.
  • Keep the ceremony very short and sweet.
  • Be sure to make the “bride” and “groom” happy and not too overwhelmed.
  • If the dogs struggle and whine, it’s probably because they are not used to it and will want to go play. DO NOT force the dogs, or else they WILL start barking and whining even louder and it all becomes a big hassle.
  • WHY NOT SEND YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS IN TO US at poetreecreations@yahoo.com

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Cold weather can be great. It can strike at any time of year, however, and turn a pleasant warm period into a shock of cold and a need to find ways to keep warm. Indeed, cold weather can be nasty, whether you’re camping in the mountains or hanging around in the garden. If you’re trying to stay warm, check out this article for help.

  1. Check the weather beforehand. So you know it’s going to be cold. But how cold? Is it going to rain or snow? What’s the wind condition? All of these details can help you figure out how to dress and what kind of activities to plan. Check the weather on the Internet or simply flick on the television for useful information. The weather forecast is usually for the whole week, so you can be prepared for the cold days in advance.

    • If you don’t have a TV, computer, or radio, ask other people. Other people should know what the weather will be two or three days from now.
  2. Think about the activities you’re doing. If it’s going to rain and you were planning to go to the beach, then don’t try to go through with it. Sometimes it’s annoying to have to cancel plans, but to avoid freezing and having a lousy time, you need to choose your activities sensibly. Try to do things that won’t be affected by the weather. For example, anything indoors is fine. You could also do things that involve the cold weather, such as skiing or just playing in the snow.

  3. Dress appropriately. Now that you’ve checked the weather, it should be easy to dress well. If you’re going to be out in the extreme cold, wear as much warm clothing as possible. If it’s mid cold, try to dress in layers so that you can add or remove clothes throughout the day. If it’s not too cold, try to dress in just a few layers and pack an extra coat or jumper. Some good items of clothing for the cold weather might include:

    • Thermals. You can buy thermal underwear in clothing and underwear shops and simply wear them under your clothes. Thermals are great for layers and extreme cold.
    • Fleece Lined Jeans such as Winter Blues Jeans which are warm but still stylish and prevent overheating indoors.
    • Long socks or leg warmers. These will keep your legs warm more closely, rather than just wearing pants and ordinary socks. Plus, nobody will see them when you wear pants.
    • Jackets. A good, thick zip up jacket is perfect for cold weather. It’s warm, but also easy to put on and off. Get rid of those cotton jackets, buy a leather or a good polyester jacket instead! Don’t wear hoodies in extremely cold weather as this allows the wind to go through the fibers. without the wind chill, you will be a lot warmer, so make sure you have a windproof jacket. Try synthetics like Gortex that let your sweat escape if you are doing vigorous activities like skiing.
    • Other accessories such as gloves, scarves and beanies. All of these items can add flair to your outfit while also keeping you toasty.
  4. Pack warm food. Sometimes all you need in chilly conditions is hot food or drink. Good ideas are soup or noodles. Keep these in a flask and carry them around in a bag with you for lunch, rather than stale, cold sandwiches. Warm food and drink will warm you inside and keep your strengths up.

  5. Be prepared for all conditions. If you’re walking back home from work or school and it suddenly starts bucketing down rain, you’re going to be in a tight spot. Try to be prepared for all cold rain conditions, like rain or snow. Keep an umbrella and thick coat with you. Always have alternative transport you can get to if you’re walking, like a friend to pick you up or just the bus.

  6. If you are outside remember to wear shoes with excellent grip for icy and slippery conditions.

  7. Wear mittens and long thick socks. These protect your hands and feet from the cold, which are the hardest places to keep warm blood flowing to.

  8. If you’re dressed for work, going to the gym, to play tennis, or have to wait for outside for transportation in a dress then a pair of full length polar fleece leg warmers that zip on work great. They zip on and off quickly and you don’t have to remove your footwear.

  • If you go to school and your feet are cold: wear tights, or boys two pairs of socks.
  • Boots are indispensable in the Winter. Try to get at least two pairs: a pair of waterproof snow boots for the wet days, and a pair of warm, stylish boots for the dry, yet cold, days.
  • If you are going to be outside for a long time, use hand warmers inside your gloves or mittens (they work best with mittens, since you can wrap your entire hand around them.) They are very inexpensive, and they sell them at any sporting good store, or department store that has a sporting goods department.
  • It is important to dress warm. You should wear layers on your upper half, like a t-shirt, sweater, jacket and scarf. A pair of fleece lined jeans are really nice for the lower half you don’t have to wear long underwear. There are only a few companies making them. The most stylish ones are called Winter Blues Jeans. Also make sure you wear hat since a lot of heat loss occurs from the top of the head.
  • If you get too cold, get inside immediately.
  • Always have an indoor, heated place that you can get to. You don’t want to be stuck outside if the weather becomes extreme.
  • If it is snowing or raining, be certain that your shoes are water resistant. If your feet are cold and wet, it won’t matter how well the rest of you is bundle up … you will still be miserable!
  • For extra protection try wearing thinner gloves underneath mittens, so when you need to do something precise with your fingers, they don’t freeze.
  • Your breath is your own little heater. Zip or button your coat up all the way and breathe in and out. It gives off some warmth. Be aware though that your breath is also moist and may soak fabrics. In extreme cold try a balaclava that allows moisture to escape but keeps the wind off your face.
  • To keep from slipping on ice you can buy rubber cleats to put over your shoes that are easy to take on and off and lightweight to fit in your bag.

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