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time flies by

I cant believe how quick you’ve grown
These last three months have really flown,
Suddenly you are smiling away
Making the sun shine day by day,
The sleepless nights have been so tough 
Each morning spent feeling rather rough,
But now you look up at me and you smile
I know each night has been worth while,
You are slowly growing, changing all the time,
I’m just so glad you’re ours, you’re mine
Your personality is now shinning through,
We are now getting to know the real little you
You love a big cuddle and a great big kiss
As you get older, this I will miss,
I cherish each and every day we have
As I know it will all fly by so fast.

Abbe Cutfroth

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The Inspired Fool

“If elephants didn’t exist, you couldn’t invent one. They belong to a small group of living things so unlikely they challenge credulity and common sense.” – South African botanist and anthropologist Lyall Watson

So, it’s Monday, which always threatens to be a bit of a drag after a nice weekend, but luckily today it’s also the second annual World Elephant Day, a celebration to honor those amazing, gigantic creatures revered by countless cultures throughout history.

In 2004, I visited the world’s first elephant hospital in Thailand’s Lampang Province, which treats sick and injured animals, some hurt by stepping on land mines. Needless to say, I fell in love with these gentle beings and have been swooning ever since. Watch this video of a mother trying to cajole her baby elephant into taking her first nap and you’re bound to fall in love too. 

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Rag Doll
Eyes. As buttons. Strand of thread;
Red. Hold her fabric together,
The stitching’s a little torn, here and there,
Her dress’s a little loose, where,
She tumbled
Down stairs.

Prop up her bruising limbs.
Leave her limp,
Against a pillow,
All but bound, to that bed.
As if those empty bones,
Could run.
She only begs.

Please Daddy,
Shake me gently,
Hit me kindly,
Try to show a little
Mercy, If you must make me
If you must stain me,
Allow me a rag, to mop myself up.

Daddy, I wish you’d take
Better care of your

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(I) Miss Manners

0517706733My post on Kids, which was actually a rant on poor parenting that results in annoying, sometimes out-of-control children, generated responses that indicate there may be a wider problem beyond ill-behaved children, reaching to ill-mannered adults. Hum. Imagine that?

After thinking about the topic of manners, and asking opinions from friends and family, here is a David Letterman-like list of the Top Ten “Miss Manners” Offenses.rule breakers

10. The Rules Don’t Apply to Me. Admittedly, this is a catch-all category. Specific examples include sitting in the Quiet Car on Amtrak and belligerently talking because “nobody tells me I can’t talk,” and pedestrians negligently (often tourists) or even deliberately (locals, teenagers & retirees) stepping into the street when traffic has a green light and then defying a car to hit them.

9. Table Manners. Things like blowing your nose at the table and then putting the (sometimes cloth!) napkin on the…

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