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I once had a teacher who was out for a day and her sister came to sub…needless to say she looked exactly like our teacher and no one noticed the difference…that is until she spent 7 whole minutes telling us.


Can’t You Tell Us Apart

© Carconti Etva
To be a twin is an experience I’ll say
being mistaken for another all day
Are you Gabby or Abby
Tori or Tray
sometimes I wonder why we are this way
I’d like to be one of a kind
and not mistaken for Madeline
some people I know are simply just toying
but some times it’s just really annoying
I mean come on how dim can you be
can you really not tell she’s different from me
sometimes I’m depressed at the end of the day
from everyone thinking I’m my sister, Anna May
But I’m grateful for my twin
And so I grin
As someone mistakes me for my brother, Ben

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Stuff and nonsense

Like every mum I love love love (times infinity) my babies. Even though I might struggle slightly at times, as I am sure every new mum does, they are truly the light of my life and now that I have them I would not ever want to be without them. These are a few of my favourite things (about twins);

  • There is always a baby wanting a hug, you can never feel unneeded or unwanted when there are four eager hands ready to clasp around your waist.

  • Going into their room of a morning to delighted choruses of “Mum Mum Mum” in stereo, and two happy chappies bouncing up and down in their cots ready to start their day.

  • Watching them develop together. It is amazing to watch their different personalities evolve as completely different people, yet from the same womb at the same time.

  • Watching their skills develop at…

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fullness of days

Sorrygnat, World Citizen, If in this day a soul shall act according to the precepts and the counsels of God, he will serve as a divine physician to mankind, and like the trump of Isráfíl, 1 he will call the dead of this contingent world to life; for the confirmations of the Abhá Realm are never interrupted, and such a virtuous soul hath, to befriend him, the unfailing help of the Company on high. Thus shall a sorry gnat become an eagle in the fulness of his strength, and a feeble sparrow change to a royal falcon in the heights of ancient glory.

EstherandElizabeth, 6 years old birthdayliz near end 1
Full of Days

I am old and full of days, and I know this because I get gift certificates in the mail, small bordered, blue; staccato messages to me approaching a distinctly marked age, as not like my twin’s age of 68 when her soul pierced the body’s shell and flew onward and upward, and when I had a feeling or wrote something like, “We will see each other once again -against the dark space and within the illumined lands of God, and we will remember our days as three year olds, sitting on tricycles of resplendent fire engine red and sturdy wheels, not yet aware of the rivets and tunnels we would face in our growth as twins and as souls, an intertwining of hate and love.

Fraternal twins. She from my father’s stock, the ones that produced fine men and maybe a sister or two who vaulted into…

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The closeness that twins experience is unique. Growing up in the same family, and the same age, they are in a unique position to share perspectives on life. On the other hand, many twins experience a need for space. They may find their close relationship to be stifling. Depending on their personalities they may be the best of friends or worst of enemies. Their closeness having the potential to both bring them together or separate them as far as possible from each other.

Twin Poems

Special Gift

© John W. Lilly
Once upon a time mommy and I,
wished upon a distant star,
We didn’t know if we’d get our wish,
the chances seemed rather far.

We asked God for a little girl,
To cuddle and hold tight,
To love and squeeze and give
a gentle kiss goodnight.

Well, God was listening and the answer
came straight from the blue.
Not only did we get one little angel,
He saw fit to give


I’m a twin. We are identical . We’re both girls .

Being A Twin

© Toi
Growing up together
Having the same birthday
Arguing, fighting
all the time
People getting us mixed up
Confusion, exhausting
Sharing everything 
Making up
Inseparable like two peas 
in a pod
Living and laughing the
world up in sync

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This is a list of the top ten most famous and not so famous twins of all time. Some of these twins you will recognize. And in some cases both of twins are both famous, while in other cases only one twin is famous and the other is so little known that you probably didn’t even know they had a twin.

1. Romulus and Remus

These legendary founders of Rome were said to have been the sons of the Roman god of war, Mars, and to have been raised by wolves. If that wasn’t enough, they went on to found the City of Rome which grew into the greatest empire that the world has ever seen.

Unfortunately a dispute between the two twin brothers led to Romulus killing Remus. Which apparently is why the city was afterwards called Rome and not Remulus.

2. Elvis Presley

What?! You mean Elvis had a twin brother?!

Yes, it’s true. Elvis had a twin brother. Unfortunately, his twin brother Jesse Garon died at birth. I bet the guy would have made the ultimate Elvis impersonator.

Of course, if you believe the conspiracy theories that Elvis is still alive … maybe Elvis’s brother didn’t die at birth but instead lived on into adulthood and is now buried in Elvis’s place, allowing Elvis to enjoy his retirement.

3. Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren

These twin sisters both became advice columnists and gave out advice for over fifty years, suggesting that their genes may have had something to do with their career choice.

4. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started their careers on the 1980’s sitcom “Full House” where they each played the same character. Because of laws limiting the hours that children their age could work, the producers hired twins and got the laws by having the twins split the acting between them. As a result, in a move guaranteed to create an identity crisis and require years of therapy, both Olsen twins played one half of the same character.

Now all grown up, Mary-Kate Olsen apparently knows how to help drug overdose victims because she was the first person that Heath Ledger’s housekeeper thought of calling when she discovered Ledger unconscious. Calling 911 apparently was not her first choice.

Did You Know?

Did you know that …

  • the word “twin” comes from the Anglo-Saxon getwinn, which means “that which is divided”
  • twins born to members of the Galoa, an African tribe, are always named Wora and Yeno. Wora means “first born” and Yeno means “second born”
  • identical twins do not have identicalfingerprints
  • According to the Guinness Book of Records Twins Days in Twinsburg, Ohio is the largest annual gathering of twins in the world.
  • You have a Google Twin.


5. Jaroslaw and Lech Kaczynski

Jarosław and Lech Kaczyński – hardly household names in this country but they are quire famous in their native Poland where they started as child actors and then became its Prime Minister and President (at the same time). There is hope for the Olsen twins too.

6. Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara Quin are identical twins and indie singer-songwriters. Although not superstars, their albums and songs have been praised in the music media and fellow musicians. Their CDs have been featured on several influential “best of” lists. In 2004, Rolling Stonemagazine named their album So Jealous as one the best 50 albums of the year.

Twin Partners in Crime
Twin Partners in Crime

7. The Kray Brothers

The Kray Brothers (Reggie and Ronnie Kray) were notoriously violent underworld bosses that dominated London’s East End in the 1950s and 60s. They were implicated in arsons, extorsion schemes, and the murder and torture of rivals. Thesegangsters were eventually caught and convicted in 1969 and sentenced to life in prison.

Siamese Twins
Siamese Twins

8. The Siamese Twins

Chang and Eng Bunker were two conjoined twins from Thailand (formerly known as Siam) that emigrated to the Southern United States. They became world-famous. Their condition and birthplace (Siam) gave rise to the term “Siamese Twins“.

Despite being joined together, the original Siamese twins enjoyed successful lives. They became rich farmers, married (two non-identical sisters), had children. Incredibly, the Siamese twins were accepted as respected members of White pre-Civil War society and were even slave owners.

Their conjoined status created some oddities in their personal lives. When the twins first married they set up a communal household but their wives did not get along and so the twins set up separate homes, with the twins dividing their time between each home.

9. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake had a twin sister Laura Katherine who died shortly after birth. He sometimes mentions her in the liner notes of his CDs.

10. Patty and Selma Bouvier

These gorgeous ladies are the surprisingly single twin sisters of Marge Simpson, on the cartoon show the Simpsons. If any twins out there are looking for love, these gals are a great catch!

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How many sets of twins are there in the world?


125 million twins. 10 million are identical
A round up of all the Twins & Multiples Festivals, Conventions and Events across the world including the UK’s very own Twins & Multiple Birth Association (Tamba) that celebrates Twins, Triplets and More Week every year in the 1st week of July..

UK Twins. Triplets & More Summer Events
Tamba, the Twins and Multiple Births Association has organised discounted activities with venues including Chessington World of Adventures, Alton Towers. Warwick Castle. The Big Sheep and Odds Park Farm in England. Blair Drummond Safari & Adventure Park in Scotland and Gosford Park in Northern Ireland. All events are held usually from July to November each year. Local twins and multiples clubs usually hold events throughout the Summer too, check out your local club and organise an event yourself too!

Check out http://www.tamba.org.uk for further details of events each year.

European Twins Day Festival – Italy
European Twins Festival. held in Italy each year on the last weekend in July. This festival gathers approximately 1000 sets of twins and multiples. Started in 2000 the festival was held in Rimini for three years. The festival was postponed in 2003 but returned in 2004 with a change of location (to Caneva World amusement park). This site is in Italian. See also http://www.europeantwins.org/english.htm which has some other events listed in English.

France Twins Day Festival

The French Twins Day Festival began in 1994 and is Europe’s largest gathering of multiples. Inspired by the Mayor who has twin daughters it is attended each year by about 1.000 sets of twins. It is held on Aug 15th in Pleucadeuc. near Vannes in Brittany – the services are held in French and the website is also in French. Tel: +33 (0) 2 97 26 92 27

Twins Festival in Poland – Scezcen. Poland
Started in 1997 this annual festival is held in August/September in Szczecin. Poland. The event is organised by Marek Sztark (father of twins Alicja and Marysia) and about 500 sets of twins and multiples attend. The festival includes a barbecue. bonfire. twin talent contest. group photos. research opportunities. activities for children and much more. This website is currently available only in Polish. For help with translation try Poltran.com translation

Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg. Ohio,USA
If you fancy a trip to the world’s largest gathering of twins then check out the Twins Days Festival which takes place on the first full weekend of August each year in the town of Twinsburg. Ohio. USA – mark your calendars now! This festival started in 1976 with only 36 sets of twins but has grown to be the world’s largest annual gathering of twins with approximately 3.000 sets attending each year. A huge. fun-filled twin weekend – attracting twins. multiples and their families from all over the world. many returning year after year.

It is held on the first full weekend of August each year & in the city of Twinsburg. Ohio – which is about 30 miles south of Cleveland. The town of Twinsburg was named after identical twin brothers. Moses and Aaron Wilco. who settled there in 1819.

International Twins Association
The International Twins Association has a twin convention/gathering on the Labor Day long weekend held in a different U.S. city each year. In USA Labor Day is held on the 1st Monday of September.

Texas Twin Roundup – Houston. Texas USA
This event is organised by the twin owners of the TwinStuff.com website – identical twins. Craig and Mark Sanders who are married to identical twins Diane and Darlene (respectively). The annual event began in 2002.

Coney Island Twins and Multiple Families Day
Started in 2002 by Debbie and Liza Ganz (identical twin owners of the TwinsWorld) this fun-filled. family day at famous Coney Island is held in July each year.

Twins World Charity Party – New York. New York USA
Also run by the Ganz twins from Twins World this event gathers about 500 pairs of adult twins for a charity event/twins party in New York city. The event is held in February/March each year and proceeds go to a different twin charity or cause each year.

Official Twins Cruise
The 1st Twins Cruise sailed from Miami on 16th January 2005. Thirty-eight sets of twins sailed aboard the Carnival Victory for a luxury 7-day Western Caribbean cruise

Just for Laughs Twins Weekend – Montreal. Canada
The Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival has an annual Twins Weekend which includes a twins parade. look-alike contests and more. The 2004 event saw more than 2.500 multiples marching in the parade before a crowd of over 250.000 spectators!& First started in 1998 as a “Doubles Evening” by twins Luce and Lucie Rozon the event has expanded quickly and is now one of the largest annual gathering of twins in the world. This site is available in English and French.

The Niagara Twin Event – Welland. Ontario Canada
Organised by Connie and Kendra Millar (identical twin sisters) this small annual twins celebration is held as part of the Niagara Regional Exhibition in Welland. Ontario. The event was started in 2003 and gathers approximately 50 sets of twins for an afternoon of fun and competitions.

Mexican Twins Festival
First held in 1995 this Mexican Twins Festival was the largest twins festival in all of Latin America. The Asociacin de Nacimientos Mltiples. A.C. website is currently available only in Spanish.

Puerto Rico Twins Gathering
The Asociacin Puertorriquea de Nacimientos Mltiples (Puerto Rican Association of Multiple Births) held its first gathering of twins in January 2001. Hundreds of twins and their families attended. Some pictures and information from past events is available here (this website is currently available only in Spanish). No official site is currently available for this festival.

Australia – Canberra Twins Plus Festival
Supported by the Australian Multiple Births Association. The festival was hosted by AMBA and ATR and held on the last weekend of Multiple Birth Awareness Week. Approximately 1.500 people attended. The festival is expected to be held in a different Australian city every two years.

Sri Lanka Twins Day Festival
Sri Lanka Twins Day Festival – Held in Colombo. Sri Lanka and hosted by the Sri Lanka Twins Cultural and Development Center. There are plans to hold a Twins World Congress in conjunction with the festival. This organisation was founded by Sri Lankan identical twins Upuli and Chamali Gamage.

Beijing Twins Festival
First held in 2004. the Beijing Twins Festival brought together more than 500 pairs of twins from across the world who took part in a four-day cultural event. Approximately 600 pairs of twins attended the 2nd Beijing Twins Festival held in October 2005. This festival is expected to continue as an annual event.

The Festival of Twins in Manila. Philippines
The Festival of Twins in Manila was first held in February 2004 (and is supported by Pro-life Philippines). Natalie Palanca. grandmother of twin girls. is the driving force behind this festival. She has also established the local Association of Twins and Multiple Births (ATMB) to help families with multiple birth children. The festival gathers approximately 250 pairs of twins and multiples.

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Tonight, we are celebrating my son’s 9th birthday by having two of his friends over for pizza, games, and a sleepover.  Add my three boys and that’s 5 young boys.  Together.  In my house.  With my husband.  I’m the only female.

As the only female, I get great delight in studying these people.  The opposite gender has always intrigued me.  While I think I understand, they baffle me with their ideas and decisions.  It’s fun to watch and ponder the differences in genders, even at such a young age.  After 24 hours with 5 boys and my hubs, here’s what I know:

1.  My husband is relentless and the idea of “letting his 5-year-old win” is out of the question.  He creamed all 5 of the boys in bowling and laser tag and left giddy and did not apologize.

2.  A boy calls another boy “dude” regardless if they are…

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Now that my newborn son is finally asleep, I would like to throw out suggestions for some things you can do with your new baby! I realized that this is an issue for some people and especially new fathers. You can hold the baby, but what else can you really do with a newborn?

1. Read: I am constantly reading to my 8 week old son. When I’ve read all the children’s books that I can handle, I read him news articles and novels. I can tell that he is beginning to see better and he seems to finally enjoy looking at the pictures in children’s books, so I now include more stories with elaborate illustrations.

2. Look at Pictures with High Contrasting Patterns: You’re probably already aware that newborns only see clearly objects and faces that are 8 to 12 inches from their eyes. Also, they have…

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Just Play!

I asked some of my old teacher colleagues what advice they would give parents at this time of year.  Three main themes emerged:

  1. Get back into bedtime routines before the first day of school.  Bed times and wake up times generally tend to drift later and later as the summer progress.  Give your family at least a week before the first day of school to get back to regular bedtime schedules.  Make it gradual – with each passing day, try to get your little ones settled into bed 5-10 minutes earlier than the previous day.
  1. Stay home!  It’s so tempting to go away for the last long weekend of the summer but the last thing your little one needs on Day 1 is to be tired or to be in the process of settling down after an exciting trip.  Keep a low key schedule instead.
  1. Don’t stress (or…

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cross roadI am amazed at how many educational websites will give parents and teachers ideas about teaching preschool children to safely cross the road by themselves!!!! Most children are simply not mature enough to cross the road by themselves before the age of 10, I would say 8 at the very youngest.

I believe that the most important traffic safety we can teach our young children is to hold their parent’s or caregivers hands while crossing the street. I have a two year old who often refuses to hold my hand while crossing the street so I know this can be a hard concept to teach! Children at this age crave independence and often act on impulse. And they simply do not understand the consequence of being hit by a car.

One activity that is likely to be helpful in teaching your child this concept is to gather up toys such as cars, little people and traffic lights and signs. If you do not have these types of toys draw or print off clip arts of these objects.

Choose a time when your child is relaxed and playful and set up your traffic scene together. Talk about the cars driving on the road, the cars stopping at a stop sign or light and then have your ‘people’ walk across the ‘street’ holding hands. Be sure to emphasize that you and your child walk across the street it is important that he holds your hand.

Play this game often to help your children remember to hold a grownups hand while crossing the street.

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