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And I was there!

I played Kwik Cricket at a Test Match
The excitement was in the air.
Bell hit the ball in to outer space,
And I was there!
The Bowler

With the three fingered grip
I’m ready to roll
With ball in my hand
I’m going to bowl
I start my long run up
Keeping it steady
I’m near to the wickets
And almost ready
I pitch the ball a slight to the right
It curls to the wickets
At just the right height
The batter looks worried
He knows he can’t hit it
It misses the bat
And smashes the wicket

The Bat’s story

I see the light
He grips me tight
I imagine smiles and sneers
But lie before me, happiness and tears
He’s standing beside the stumps
I’m beginning to get goose bumps
Will he hit it?
Or will he hit the wicket?
He lifts me higher
His grip gets tighter
In a second I blink
And I begin to sink

The lads pull up

On the coach the lads anticipate,
Finally it comes, the day, the date.
The coach pulls up,
Past the people with the ticket,
Now we’re ready to play some cricket.

Me, the captain has chosen to bat
Now what do the bowlers say to that?
In they charge with the ball in grip,
Now I’m ready to let it rip!
I hit the ball over the stands,
Now the crowd start to clap their hands!

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Infant therapy

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Cupcake 'n' Sunshine

Children, like us are prone to feeling a range of emotions; disappointment, disillusionment, stress, anxiety, grief, sadness etc. Most importantly, children a lot of times feel they don’t have a sense of control and feel like their lives are being guided and “controlled” by adults around them. Throughout the day, they hear all sort of instructions like “do this”, “don’t do this”, “you always do this”, “stop this” and sometimes it gets overwhelming for the young mind, where he/she feels like a puppet on strings.

Today, as parents, we are much more informed and I know a lot of us take the time to explain to our children the “why’s” and “how’s” of things rather than just order them around but despite doing our best, sometimes our kids fly-off-the-handle and refuse to listen to us. Rather than bursting into tears or losing temper, the best way is to learn how…

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Mowing the Yard


Did you know that waiting to mow the yard until the grass is really high is actually beneficial?  It’s true.  Most people mow the grass every week, but I have found that it’s a lot more fun if you wait longer than that.

crazy mom 198

Do you ever run through the grass path??





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designed by danni

After sewing a lot for Designed by Danni the last few weeks, I decided yesterday to sew for me! (Or rather my kids!!)
I upcycled a pair of G’s old PJ pants with an op shop pair to make him some new ones. I knew he was up for a new pair when I found him pants less one night in bed. The elastic had gone on his PJs and he had somehow wiggled out of them in his sleep!!!! Putting new pants on a sleeping three year old is quite tricky 🙂
I’m a bit cross with myself as I made an error in measurement and miscalculated the amount I would need for the joining of the two fabrics so the finished product is a bit short. He seems happy though, wearing his PJs at lunch time and having a “frofy milo” – hot choc!

I also whipped up…

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Kelly Marie Welch

I don’t know why kids like to hide behind things.

                -Under things

                                -In things

Sometimes it can be frustrating

                -When you’re waiting


Raising your voice and -giving them a choice

“Come out now, I mean it, you’ll see!  Okay Now. Okay now…

I’m counting to three!”  And now, your typical “cool”, by this point – you’ve lost it.


Not this time and not this rhyme.

See, I felt my temperature rise when she rolled her eyes and squeezed her tiny little body behind the couch cushion.                   I wanted to be mad, but across my eyes I got this vision.

Of 5 ½ years ago, back when I was still just wishin….

                                                                And yearning, and pleading, and desperate for a baby…..

And then in my vision, I remember thinking, JUST MAYBE! Just maybe I’ll have a little girl…

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