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Pat was a pussy cat

Who was very  fat

Pat got stuck in the cat flap,

They rang the Police

And the Firebrigade,

And the Ambulance too,

But no body knew what to do

The policeman asked the fireman

The fireman asked the ambulanceman,

So they pulled his head and then his tail

This made the cat wail

Then they didn’t feed him

So he became thin,

Then he popped out of the cat flap

With a smiley grin

By Brendon Wakefeild

 6 years old

With a little bit of help from gran and granddad

Granddad’s mate made a video

It’s on YouTube under Gillian Sims


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IT News And Information

Young children will have a go at anything because they don’t have the fears or concerns that are developed as they become teenagers and then later, adults.

At an early age they are happy to develop any work of art which their parents will glorify as being quite brilliant, whatever standards have been achieved and it is for this reason that they are happy to use whiteboards to express their creativity without limitations.

Reigning in a child’s enthusiasm is tantamount to telling them no, but they must learn how to use interactive whiteboards for schools properly so that the unit can be used and shared by all of their school friends and for a long time.

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depositphotos_14168978-Cartoon-kids (1)

There is a topic in our home, that when broached, causes a massive divide. It is not money, nor jealousy or even sex.

It is babysitters.

You see, a few years ago we made a huge seachange. Leaving Sydney, we packed up our kids and made a new life for ourselves in far north coastal NSW. It was a great decision for us except for one thing, one very important thing that we left behind – the grandmothers! We left our mums behind. What were we thinking? We also left the aunties, the cousins and the friends with kids. In fact we left everybody we trusted who could possibly babysit our kids if ever we needed. What dopes!

“That’s OK, it’s just life, it won’t be forever,” says my husband (who has never had a pap smear with three spectators).

My husband is against the idea of using a babysitter. Very against. My husband also has a second job as a musician that sees him out of the home ‘jamming’ (ahem, read drinking beer in a warehouse) and gigging at pubs on the weekends. A job that means he has conversations with people that are older than three years of age who, more often than not, buy him drinks of the alcoholic variety.

I, on the other hand, work from home with the kids … in the home … with me … twenty four hours a day. All day, every day, no break ever.

So while the husband has a strong opposition to leaving the children with somebody we don’t know, I have to stop myself grabbing random teens and tempting them to my home with offers of unlimited pizza and permission to snog their “boifs” in my lounge room.

It’s fine right? Everybody does it. I mean, the husband didn’t read the Baby-sitters Club books growing up. That’s probably why he is so opposed. If he did, he’d know that those kids were, what, seven? Everybody in their whole town let them babysit their kids!

Truth be told, I’m not actually sure what I’d do if I got a break. I’ve spent so much time invested in the for-and-against argument for the cause that I’ve forgotten what I am meant to do if I actually win this battle. Can you get a babysitter for sole purpose of having a bath and shaving both legs?

Regardless, my journey has led me to some useful information, and if you are in the market for offloading leaving your children to the care of a trusted individual you might find this handy, too.

This is great advice from Ella Walsh that covers pretty much everything you need to know about getting started with a babysitter

Choosing a babysitter

As a general rule of thumb, the younger the child being cared for, the more mature you want the babysitter to be. You need to find someone who has the right amount of maturity, but who can still have fun with your child. And while there is no legal minimum age for babysitters, and young people mature at different ages, generally a young child needs a mature adult who is capable of attending to all their needs.

The older the charge, the less hands-on help they need, so the younger the babysitter can be. Generally, a sixteen year-old who can easily look after your eight year-old, will find caring for an eight month-old beyond their capabilities.

Obviously, age isn’t the only thing you need to consider when choosing a babysitter. If you are considering employing a babysitter who is unknown to you, ask for references – and then make sure that you ring and check them.

What should I ask a prospective babysitter?

While you interview any would-be babysitter, always keep in mind that they will be spending time with your children, so ultimately you’ve got to try to judge whether your child will enjoy their company – do they have a suitable temperament? Do you think your child will click with them? Are they engaging to talk to? Beyond that, you should also ask some practical questions to see if they tick all your boxes:

Do you have any references?
What is your previous experience looking after children? What ages were they?
Do you have any first aid training?
What would you do in an emergency?
What do you like best about babysitting?
What would you do if you were unsure about how to handle a situation?
What are you interested in doing with my child while I’m absent?

This is your chance to get to know your babysitter – ask all the questions you want to, even if they do seem trivial.

How much should I pay my babysitter?

Babysitting rates are usually hourly, and can vary from babysitter to babysitter. When you’re negotiating a rate, consider the following:

How many children will they be looking after?
What are the ages of the children (how much hands-on care will they be required to give)?
How long will you need to hire them for?
Will their rate increase for any time worked after midnight?
What do other families in the neighbourhood pay?
How old is your babysitter and how much experience do they have?
If your babysitter is young (and can’t drive), organise with them beforehand how they will be getting to and from your house.

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