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Niamh Clune

Dr Nana Plum

I love to write in childish rhyme. I really do it all the time. A Doctor and a Nana too, ‘Tis ontheplumtree that I grew. And this is where I shall be writing, stories that are so exciting, by scribbling scribes ~ those authors who ~ love the child in me and you. But first I want to introduce ~ two books, I hope, will produce ~ excitement and a flitter flurry, of orders that will simply hurry, across the land and open sea, to read to children where they be, to stimulate imagination ~ and create a small sensation!

Dr. Nana Plum @DrNanPlum

Pa Dug & Rosie In The Garden Series ~ Everything In The Garden Serves A Purpose!

By Niamh Clune ~ Illustrated by Marta Pelrine Bacon.

In the first of our stories, Rosie learns the joy of celebrating, even when it rains. The purpose of wearing her wellingtons…

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I found a giraffe in my bath

He was having a wash

He looked very clean

And he sounded very posh,

I didn’t know his name

I wasn’t sure why he was there

He seemed very polite

So I didn’t really care,

There was a giraffe in my bath

When I went to have a wash

I didn’t know his name

But he sounded very posh,

When I asked him to leave

He didn’t seem very pleased

So I left the giraffe in the bath

I just hope he hadn’t got a key

Gillian Sims

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Time for swimming!

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Wanaka Lake Swimmers

Something I found from Open Water Swimmingthis morning that you might be interested in!

Swimming Etiquette.

via Swimming Etiquette.

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Protect Your Child From Drowning With These Simple Pool Safety Tips

    Drowning is one of the major causes of accidents resulting in serious injury and death in children. Parents should not be fooled into thinking that their child is safe just because he/she knows how to swim. In a lot of these cases accidents happened even though the child knew swimming. Accidents in the swimming pool can happen very suddenly without warning. It is very important that all parents follow these basic safety precautions especially if there is a swimming pool at home. 

    1. Never allow your youngster to swim alone without any adult supervision. It is quite common to develop a cramp underwater, or for accidents like hitting your head while diving for example, to occur. It is paramount that there should be persons around to help in such situations. 
    2. Do not allow children with no knowledge of swimming in or around the pool. For good pool safety make sure that all kids above the age of 4 attend a certified swimming class, or atleast learn basic flotation techniques and life saving techniques in case of accidents. Children younger than 4 should always be accompanied by their parents in the pool. 
    3. Enclose your pool with high fences, which can be locked. Do not leave the pool open and accessible since children can fall inside. Keep your pool safe, and keep your kids away from the poolside. 
    4. Avoid leaving your kids alone even with small portable pools or water bodies like buckets, fountains, and barrels. There is always a danger of drowning occuring even in small bodies of water. 
    5. In case of a backyard swimming pool, make sure that the cover of the pool is completely lifted over the pool. Do not partially open the pool. Also make sure that your child does not walk over the pool cover. 
    6. Spas and Hot Tubs must also be avoided, especially in the case of younger children who are susceptible to overheating. 
    7. For good pool safety, you can make sure that there is always a life saving floation device handy near the pool. Also, every parent should be conversant in basic CPR techniques in case of any accident. 
    8. The last, but not the least, to ensure swimming pool safety, be observant. Watch what your kids are upto, and supervise their activities. Do not leave them alone.

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    This article will help you keep that bond strong, and also teach you how to be the parent that your child deserves.

    You do not necessarily need to spend a fortune on a nursery for your little one. You can purchase high quality baby items at discount stories. Also, ask friends and family if they have or know of anyone that can donate these items to you.

    Preschool children often have difficulty in dealing with transitions. They tend to become frustrated and have temper tantrums when they must change tasks quickly.

    party entertainers Your children need your attention, but you deserve some time for yourself, also. This restores your own well-being, which means you will have more to give as a parent.

    Don’t let a kid younger than four drink any sort of soda. Stay with drinks that have a lot of nutrients, such as sugar-free juice, water, or milk.

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    7 Tips for Keeping Your Things Safe and Secure at the Beach

    To keep your things safe and secure at the beach, make use of a waterproof backpack, use waterproof cases to protect your gadgets, limit the items you bring to the beach, bring only the things you are willing to lose and break, use a water-wallet to take valuable items with you, put your valuables in unattractive bags or containers, and take safety precautions.

    How do you keep your valuables protected from the water, as well as from possible theft amidst the crowd at the beach? A wonderful adventure at the beach can turn sour when you damage lose your something important. Here are some smart tips that will help you keep your valuables protected, minimize your stress, and let you simply enjoy your stay at the beach:

    Use a waterproof backpack

    To keep your belongings from getting wet during a beach outing, carry a waterproof beach bag or backpack. These types of bags will keep your things dry while you are on the beach. Some specialty waterproof beach bags are even 100 percent waterproof and will keep your items totally dry. They also float in the water in case you drop them while boating or fishing.

    Use waterproof cases to protect your gadgets

    Cellphones, cameras, and other gadgets you bring to the beach must also be protected in waterproof cases, such as those from aquapac. Not only will these cases avoid damaging your gadgets if they get wet, but also prevent exposure to the sand. There are a variety of waterproof cases you can find in specialty shops for gadgets of all sorts.

    Limit the items you bring to the beach

    Aside from damaging your things, you might also be worried about losing your belongings thieves among the crowd. To minimize such risk, limit what you bring, especially if you are not going to the beach with a group. the less you bring, the less important it is to keep an eye on your stuff. If you are staying at a hotel near the beach, leave your valuables in your room or hotel safe.

    Bring only what you are willing to lose or break

    If you are going to the beach alone or with a partner, no one will be able to look after your belongings while you go swimming. In this case, it would be better not to bring your valuables. It is better to take with you only what you are willing to lose or break.

    Use a water-wallet to take valuable things with you

    A handy solution that allows you to take your valuables with you to the beach is a water-wallet. You can hold your mobile phone, money, credit cards, driver’s license, and car key in this waterproof wallet which usually comes with a neck or waist strap for more convenience. They are reusable and a great investment if you are an adventurer or a frequent traveler.

    Put your valuables in unattractive bags or containers

    Another way to avoid losing your stuff at the beach is to put your valuables in unattractive bags and containers. Putting your stuff in containers, such as cartoon character-themed bags and food containers, will lead people to think that items inside  are for kids or are food. Furthermore, avoid bags which are bright and attractive to deter the attention of thieves.

    Take safety precautions

    The best way to protect your belongings from theft while at the beach is to take precautionary measures. As much as possible, take turns when swimming. Make sure your stuff is within your line of sight so you can regularly check on them.

    Breaking or losing your stuff at the beach need not be a distressing concern. As long as you know how and where to keep your valuables and the important safety measures to take, your beach outing will surely be enjoyable and stress-free.

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