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Going to the beach is always fun.

but as we know, it can also be dangerous to you and your children. Here are some ways to keep safe at the beach.





  1. Make sure your child always wears a life jacket when they are in the water. If they cannot swim, it is suggested that you are with them at all times. To make sure that the life jacket will do its job, read the instructions and see if your child weighs enough for the life jacket will fit correctly. Also, you should adjust the tightening straps for a comfortable, but safe trip to the beach. Never let your child go too far out in the water, especially if there is a strong under current. Follow these simple instructions and you will definitely have a safe trip for you and your child(ren).

  2. Watch the weather forecast before your trip to make sure no severe weather is in forecast. Lightening strikes are extremely dangerous, and often, there is no shelter at the beach.

  3. Protect your children from the sun. Overexposure in the sun will cause short term injury, sunburn, and can lead to long term problems, like skin cancer.

  4. Be aware of harmful creatures at the beach. Saltwater beaches may have stingrays or jellyfish nearby, and freshwater beaches may be frequented by venomous snakes and dangerous reptiles in some locations.

  5. Make sure your children wear appropriate footwear to protect them from broken glass, sharp shells, and sharp rocks

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A hint of sunshine and the kids are off like a shot, but catch them with the sun-cream to keep that sensitive skin safe from UV damage.

Why sunscreen matters

One hint of sunshine and we’ll bet your kids are stripped off and gone, leaving you waving a sun-cream bottle and bleating for them to ‘come back right now!’. Sound familiar? It’s enough to make you wonder whether it’s worth the effort. It is. A child’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than an adult’s, so they are at greater risk of suffering damage from exposure to UV radiation, says Melanie Anglesey.

The four hours either side of midday are the times at which you should take the greatest care in the sun. Avoid long periods of exposure to your skin between 10am and 3pm. Children should wear protective clothing, preferably with a high ultraviolet protection factor – UPF factor. The areas to keep covered are the neck, legs and arms. Opt for a wide brimmed or legionnaires hat (with UPF) and sunglasses (with an environmental protection factor – EPF) to protect the eyes.

Children’s skin needs high protection. Use sunscreen with a high SPF factor to protect exposed areas and choose hypoallergenic sun creams or those for children’s sensitive skin, as the chemicals in some sun creams can irritate children’s skin.

Remember that skin can burn even on cloudy days and prolonged exposure to the heat can lead to heat stroke, so take regular breaks in the shade and offer children plenty of water to drink.

Sun safety tips

  • Babies and infants should be kept out of the sun at all times.
  • Always put a broad-brimmed hat on children – a flap down the back gives added protection.
  • Invest in some sun-protection clothing or, at a pinch, dress them in cool, light-coloured clothes
  • Apply sunscreen half an hour before going outside to allow absorption, then reapply regularly, especially after swimming or towel-drying.
  • Apply sunscreen generously and use a minimum SPF15 on kids (lighter skins burn more easily so higher ratings required). Make sure sunscreen offers UVB and UVA protection.
  • Use a waterproof sunscreen (SPF15) for children when swimming or playing outdoors with water, and reapply regularly.
  • Use 100 per cent UV-blocking sunglasses with wrap-around protection.
  • Plan trips and garden play that avoids 11am to 3pm peak intensity.
  • Encourage children to play in the shade.

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And I’m not talking the kind you get in fast food joints. These are fluffy and tasty with no grain. These make a great portable breakfast/lunch/picnic/snack/fill my facehole food and the best bit is you can add whatever you like to them – think bacon, veggies, berries, goats cheese…

My youngest child, Leo, loves eggs for breakfast but some mornings we just don’t have time for a cooked breakfast. These came about when I was trying to come up with something he could either make himself (he’s 11) or that would only take moments to reheat. 



Egg Muffins Makes 6-8

Prep time: 5 minutes  Baking Time: 20 minutes


4 large eggs

2 TBSP full fat yogurt – any kind eg greek, goats, coconut milk

2 TBSP coconut flour

1/2 tsp gluten free baking powder

sea salt & pepper to taste


Beat all of the ingredients together. 


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Bella's Blog

While browsing one of my parenting forums recently, I came across a post from a mother who felt overwhelmed by the pressure of being a “do-it-all” working mum. It inspired a blog post and I thought I would share my words of wisdom.

As mothers, we are our own worst enemies. We expect way to much of ourselves, because we feel that is what “society” demands from us. The bar is set so high, that we often set up ourselves for disappointment and stress.

We are to be the “50’s housewives” who prepare homemade, wholesome meals for our families, keep the house sparkling clean, cater to our husband’s/partner’s every need, keep our kids in full control all while looking immaculate.

We are now expected to be able to drag ourselves away from the arms of our children and contribute to the workforce and household finances.
Men being the sole bread-winner…

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Jodi L. Milner, Author

bubble summerThis week marks the end of structured days of kids in school and the beginning of summer vacation.  For kids, this is a magical time of freedom, discovery, and lots of play.  For parents, this time comes with mixed emotions. There is no longer the pressure of the morning school rush and all its battles, but there are also whole long days of nothing on the calendar.

For me, I’m looking forward to the change.  There are so many fun things I want to do with my kids that were too complicated to manage during school.  Now is the time for swimming lessons, day camps, play dates, sleepovers, summer crafts, and lots of outside play.

At the same time I’m terrified.  I need structure.  The thought of having whole days with nothing on the calendar is very daunting.  My first instinct is to go a little crazy and create a…

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Milk & Whiskey

So much is said about maternal instincts – that mother-lizard-brain that gives us the strength to lift cars off of our children and go whole hours of the day without drinking directly from the box of wine.

But that lizard-brain has a dark side. As soon as I became a mom, my tolerance for whining dropped to zero. Less than zero. The merest whiff of a whine lights a fire behind my eyes that needs to be stamped out yesterday. The fact that kids still whine at all – and ALL of them do – makes me question evolution. How on earth did this species survive when tone of voice can make a mother turn against her own offspring?

These days, the Madness has learned the unsubtle art of manipulation that is a sweet-voiced please and thank you. I hate to equate manners to manipulation, but she’s just SO…

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