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We all love cake – yes we do.

We all love little mini, personal cakes and treats – yes we do.

SO check out these fun, appetising little naughties and get creatively small! 


Here we are treating you to Purple Ombre Mini Cakes. A beautiful butterfly on top – lovely! From ‘glorioustreats.com’ 


Perfect little Layer Cakes – They each look like they could either be some kind of hat or dress combo! Initials on top make them more personal! From ‘blog.girlybubble.com’


What elegant little bite size cake treats! Which fruit takes your fancy? From ‘blog.girlybubble.com’ 


What do you think of these autumn inspired mini cakes? Such detailed decoration! From ‘lindyscakes.co.uk’ 


Mini 3 Tier Wedding Cakes! Fabulous darling! From ‘amazingcakesbyvanessa.blogspot.com’


 Get Groovy with these bright, floral mini cakes! Perfect for hippy parties! From ‘flickriver.com’  


 Perfect Parcels of…

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Good African Day!

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‘B’ Family


ENV Photography {the blog.}

This family is so sweet and adorable! I had fun talking about Cinderella and Captain America with the kids 🙂

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non GMO journal

Day Forty Nine.


Can I just say living with small children in a world surrounded by sugary treats, packaged in boxes plastered with their favorite TV and movie characters is SO HARD. Not to mention all the super cute birthday parties they go to with cakes, cupcakes, cookies and candy all begging for them to consume them…in large quantities. Drive through fast food chains with bright colored signs and the most fun looking playgrounds conveniently placed right in the front of the store, and do not forget all those toys they “give” you in a kids meal. Marketing to kids does not stop there. It continues to toothpaste, soaps, lotions and even medication. My kids are bombarded daily with reminders that we “eat differently” now and it has been a source of constant discussion to “why” we cannot eat this or buy that. Topping the list off my son…

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Entrusted Motherhood

Welcome to Entrusted Motherhood’s 2nd giveaway!!! Today we have an awesome hand made item from an awesome Mama!

She makes crocheted stuffies, play food, blankets, and hats. Today she is donating a crocheted elephant. She also donates $10.00 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation with each elephant purchase made! All of her items are custom due to color choices. The winner will be able to choose a custom color of 100 % cotton yarn. Most any color is available EXCEPT for gray.


Rules are:

1. You must subscribe to my blog by entering your email or subscribing with your WordPress account in the sidebar.

2. You must comment on this post.

3. You must “LIKE” this awesome Mama’s FB page. Here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Good-Morning-Yarns/120762734757610

Winner will be announced Wednesday at 8:30 PM!! Goodluck!!

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Kindly note that that is not me in the photo. It is some mama model using the best baby carrier ever made.    Sweet picture. Makes we want another baby. 


Can’t have another baby while our baby is still a baby!  I understand spacing wee ones closely- since biology can seem powerful and undeniable, except for Hollywood actresses.  I understand how excellent sibling relationships can be with smaller age gaps.

Having had Mellow Little Person at 34 makes me a babe in the woods in Manhattan, where first babies are common for women who are 40 and over. Waiting, really any amount of waiting, might mean I am pushing our luck– our timeline tentatively places currently imaginary future kid somewhere past my 37th birthday.

Oh, don’t worry, I know we can’t really plan this plan. So, world, why do you ask us when…

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Big boy room


Underwood Days

I have a four (almost five) year old boy with opinions.  It’s so fun and interesting to hear his thoughts on things.   And his bedroom… his bedroom is no exception!  When we get home decor magazines in the mail Jameson will actually go through them and circle things he likes.

We had a lot to work with from his former bedroom which I intentionally made a boys room vs a toddler look.  So..the last couple weeks I’ve been painting and pulling things still from boxes.  I’m hoping this helps my boy feel more at home here.  My favorite new thing we added was a light fixture I found on Etsy.  Jameson says ” I think it’s good, mom”.  

(Excuse the bad phone photo.  it’s the only one I snapped beforehand.)

Jman's Room

The most time consuming thing about setting up both the kids room has been painting the trim.  …

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beingusblog's Blog

“Mommy, I love you.” These are pretty mupch the sweetest words a mom will ever hear. And it’s not just the words that melt your heart, but the sweetness and energy and mushy eyes that accompany them. It is as natural as breathing for children to love. But how can we as parents let our love pour out as radiantly as theirs to let them bask in its warmth and light? And how can we cherish and nourish their love, which is stronger than a diamond yet tender as a butterfly?

Couples in my master’s thesis research helped me learn about love’s central role in what I called “the virtue cycle.” Basically, when we live virtues (commendable qualities) in relationships, we are showing thoughtfulness and love. Love increases the more we live virtues and the object of our affection often interprets virtuous actions as displays of love (which they often…

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