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Good advice here.

Pat Rowland

social-media-logosIn no way do I consider myself an expert of social media!!!  However, I am a person that attempts to leverage it for influence, and a parent trying to navigate it with my 3 daughters.  Recently, I was asked to share my thoughts to a group of preteen parents on social media guidelines.  Here is a few things I talked about.

The first thing to understand is that “Social Media” isn’t a fad, it isn’t going away.  Even if you choose to ignore it, it will not cease to be an issue for your kids or yourself.  Today, individuals spend more time on their mobile apps than they do their desktops.  As a generation that began with a Webkinz account they understand and know how to navigate social media.  So what do you do?

Get an account

If your son or daughter wants a Facebook, Instagram, or twitter account, then…

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I like this

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I love the pic.

color me dazzled.

Sorry for the MIA status, folks.  It’s been cray busy around here.  And by busy, I mean we’ve been outside all day every day and when the kids nap, I clean the house.  Ella turns two next week (how is that even possible??) and we are having a really small birthday party for her this weekend.  Which brings me to this: small parties are greatly underrated.  There is definitely something to be said of a guest list of ten.  As I’ve mentioned before, Ella is obsessed with Finding Nemo and because we are having a small family-only party for her we can afford to get Nemo decorations!  Not to mention that cooking and baking for ten is wayyyy less stressful than cooking and baking for twenty five.  Yesterday, Bowen and I cut out watermelon stars (for the pink starfish in Finding Nemo!) and it was so fun!  Messy, but fun…

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I like this idea.

Moms & Music™ has teamed up with Kristin Gilzean Photography for a special  discount on family and child portrait sessions (outdoor at site of your choice!) only for Moms & Music™ families.  A Standard Portrait Sitting Fee is usually $150 (see below for details).  But from now through the end of June 2013, mention Moms & Music™ and you’ll receive a $50 discount, that’s over 30% off.

I’ve known Kristin for over a year now as she has been attending Moms & Music™ classes with the little boy she tends. Kristin is not only a nanny extraordinaire but she takes classic, reasonably priced portraits.  Photo shoots with children have the potential to be stressful but Kristin knows children and works to capture the beautiful natural shots you are hoping for without all the stress!  Take advantage of this beautiful weather and the gorgeous light and get those portraits you’ve been…

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Sound advice.


successful-co-parentingCo-parenting can be extremely tough on both parents and children during a separationor divorce.  Ex-spouses might have a very strong mutual dislike and distrust of each other, and maybe for good reasons, and it’s even more difficult when children are involved.  Here’s some good advice from people who have been there, including this gem: “You have to love your children more you hate each other and do what is in their best interests.”

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I love this.

Amythest Designs

Walk With Me, Daddy
by: Helen Bush

Walk alongside me, Daddy
And hold my little hand
I have so many things to learn
That I don’t yet understand.

Teach me things to keep me safe
From dangers every day
Show me how to do my best
At home, at school, at play.

Every child needs a gentle hand
To guide them as they grow
So what alongside me, Daddy.
We have a long way to go.

I’ve always loved the quote, “A Dad is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero”, and it really is true! So here we’ve compiled a great list of resources and ideas to honor Dad on his special day!

Comic Book Coasters, tutorial found at Modge Podge Rocks.
Alternatively, you could use maps, children’s drawings, book pages, etc!
comic coaster

Pegboard Tool Organizer. To make it a bit more “classy” you could add a wider…

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I like this

Talking Yoga

SONY DSCLately I seem to be getting this question a lot: what’s new? I find myself scrambling for an answer that doesn’t begin with “Jack just learned to…” because, let’s be honest, most people don’t want to hear how he sometimes replicates a sound that resembles the word “uh oh” . So I scramble.

Hearing this question has made me wonder how long this will last. Will my “what’s new” forevermore be about my offspring? Or is it like falling in love? In the beginning you can’t get enough of each other. Everything is done in tandem. Your friends (if you still have any) are sick of hearing his name. You spend a few hours apart and the reunion feels magical- how did you ever survive without him? But it starts to wear off over time. The superglue on your hips starts to evaporate and (hopefully) you reconnect with old friends…

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I like this

The Strategic Homemaker

(This is one of the parenting books recommending by a reader and friend after my last spell of parenting book reviews. Also, we’re working on finding a place to live up here in New England, so blog posts may be sporadic in the next month, just to forewarn you.)

Simplicity Parenting:Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids by Kim John Payne, M. Ed.

Summary: Payne is a child psychologist with experience working with children in war-torn countries and noticed symptoms similar to that of PTSD in kids from well-to-do areas of England (commonly diagnosed as ADD and other disorders). He concluded that the lack of simplicity in their lives was stressing them out, and went about helping parents to simplify the child’s life in four areas which he says resulted in noticeable improvement.

The four areas he addresses are “Environment,” “Rhythms,” “Schedules,” and…

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I like this.

Leila Dayne

Instead of choosing what’s easy, take the time to choose your own reality :]

Happy Friday Loves!!

All My Love,


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