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ImageThere are a number of reasons why we separate from the parent of our children. It may be that you have simply grown apart, fallen out of love, or more seriously there may have been infidelity or abuse. At the point of separation emotions are usually running high, whatever the reason was for the break-up. This is not a good time for anyone to be making plans about the children and more often than not one party leaves the family home without making these plans.

So what now? When you were together, both of you, as parents, took the role on together. Feeding, clothing, bathing, putting to bed, school runs, weekend activities…etc. You both had the responsibility of being a parent everyday and now you are not together you must in some way share that responsibility to make it normal for your children. Remember it is not their fault mummy…

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playing on beach

1. Never swim alone. No never. Always have a buddy. 
2. Use sunscreen. I know, it is gooey, but a sunburn hurts. 
3. Stay where an adult can see you. No excuses. 
4. Always swim where there is a lifeguard on duty, or an adult supervising. 
5. Follow any rules posted at the pool or beach. Rules are to keep you safe. 
6. Follow mom and dad’s rules if you have a pool in your backyard. 
7. Do not swim with gum or candy in your mouth. You could choke. 
8. Do not go in water over your head unless you know how to swim. 
9. Take rest periods out of the water for 15 minutes every hour so you don’t get overtired. 
10. Drink plenty of cool fresh water while out in the summer heat. Also enjoy fresh fruit or snacks throughout the day for energy.

These tips are brief, but you get the idea why mom or dad continues to remind you of most of them every time you want to swim. Now you have the simple reasons behind the rules. Things like choking, blisters from the sun, dangerous to swim alone or in deep water… you get the idea.

Follow these simple rules when swimming at the pool or beach. Your parents will be happy knowing you are being safe. And you will enjoy being cool while having safe summer fun. When you are responsible with out being scolded or yelled at, both you and your parents will enjoy the summer. So remembering the rules and understanding the importance of safety in the water is a win- win situation for both you and your parents. Keep Cool.

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great advise

(Not) Just A Mummy

When it comes to motherhood, advice is handed out like baby num nums to a cranky toddler; frequently and without hesitation.

The majority of the tidbits thrown your way (usually by other mothers but sometimes, inexplicably by people with no children of their own) is well intentioned and some of it is indeed useful. I thank God everyday (well everyday that I was breastfeeding) for the kind soul who shared the miracle that is Riteaid Hydrogel Breast Discs with me. I think you learn pretty quickly to hold onto the parts that make sense and disregard the rest. You’d go mad trying to implement half the contradictory stuff you get told.

I found that there were a few people who’s advice always made sense and who I seemed to share a similar style of parenting with. These were the peeps I turned to when I had a burning question or…

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The truth



You can have something that you try to forget

But if you turn away you will regret

You can only run for so long

Now its time to face and be strong

Although it hurts and hearts are lost

It’s a small cost

For the short term

It’s hard to feel so firm

But it’s the only way now

To put up with for so long I don’t know how

I see the light in the distance beginning to glow

But patience and support it what I must show

We must believe that all will be ok in the end

And if needs be call upon a friend

Cause these times wont by easy and clear

But don’t approach it all with fear

Sometimes the unknown will scare

But know all will work out and be fair

As long as you stay true to yourself along the way

You will…

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