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Robyn Michele Levy

Cake 2 Animation3When I was a kid, birthday cakes could be dangerous. Some mothers would fold pennies and nickels into the batter. “For good luck,” they’d say, popping it into the oven. I believed the good luck part. Especially if the mother was married to a dentist and one of us kids cracked a tooth biting down on the Queen’s crown or the Beaver’s tail. But that didn’t happen very often. Most of us would dig safely though our slices of birthday cake, hunt down those coins and go home with chocolate smeared faces and sticky fingers — clutching small windfalls to stash in our piggy banks.

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Lucky cat


Pieces of happiness


While I’m not able to have a cat in my rented apartment, I think this ceramic lucky cat in a Japanese style can be a good alternative. I found it by chance in a cute Japanese store in Alderwood  mall (Lynnwood, WA).

This talisman – Maneki-neko – came from Japan, and it is is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. You probably saw this cat beckoning with an upright paw in shops, restaurants and sushi-cafes, often at the entrance. Sometimes it is also called the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, or fortune cat in English.I like how it smiles me and makes me smile in response. Even in a rainy day it gives me merry mood. And, for sure, I believe that this cat will bring good luck and happiness to my home.

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Feel Lucky?


Coal Troll's Blog


Luck has a bad reputation. People don’t like it. They certainly don’t want to give it any credit. We don’t care for the randomness of it. If we’re just plain lucky, how do we take credit for our good fortune? It’s antithetical to our desire for praise.  Bad luck is just plain unfair, and no one likes that.

People talk a lot of about luck, because we don’t understand it.  Sure, it explains all the success of our enemies and all our own bad choices.  Beyond that, it baffles us.  Why me?  Why not me?

Webster’s Dictionary defines luck as a “force which brings good fortune or adversity.”  Carl Jung called it synchronicity which means “meaningful coincidence.”  Luck can be good or bad.  We can luck out.  We can have a run of bad luck.  We can get lucky.  We can run out of luck.  There are lucky dogs and ducks.


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