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I love this!

Keeping up with The Jason's

I love my son, but this completely describes how much he DOESN’T sit still lol


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This seems like good development to me!

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Nice one!

Happy Medium Homeschooling

Cute child catching raindrops under umbrellaThat Will Get Them Away from the Video Games!

Finally – warmer weather is brining rain showers. Here in the Midwest I think the last of the snow piles are creeping away like a guest who has finally realized she stayed too long. Spring has sprung and that means the inevitable rainy days where the kids might be moping around and yawning I’m bored. Cure that boredom, without resorting to letting them sit and play video games all day, with these 10 rainy day activities that will get their brains working and their creativity hopping.

1. Comics

Our boys have recently joined at comic creation class, learning about graphic novels, classic comics, and how to create their own. Check out some classics from the library like Garfield, and share in a few laughs. Then encourage your children to write their own comic strip. Our library has great books to help…

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WatsOn #StuMin

I send out an email each week to the parents and leaders who are apart of my middle school ministry. This is article I wrote for the email, and was recently sent to them. My hope is to help them understand the important relationship between parenting and social media. Feel free to copy or edit and send to your parents.

Social Media, I think, is one the greatest problems parents face in today’s world. What worries me the most, is how many parents aren’t aware of how big an issue Social Media is and will continue to be. Here are a few of the thoughts I’ve given parents who have asked about social media in the past.

First, the middle school years are not the years in anyone’s life when they need the most freedom. Kids need to learn how to use freedom, just like any other part of their life. To “throw them in the…

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This is really interesting!

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Love…for Sale?


Maria Frangieh

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I totally agree with this!

Stay Sane Mommies

Jacob and Mommy

ONE: Bullying is unacceptable. I never want you to take someone else’s power away by using fear to make them do what you want them to do, or to simply make them feel bad. But if someone is pushing you around and there isn’t an adult close by to help, kick them in the groin and run to find an adult!

TWO: I don’t care what you do for a living. I care about how you’re living. I hope that you’re happy with your choices in life, and are a good person.

THREE: If you’re EVER feeling down, sad, or depressed, please tell dad or me. I hope that you’re never embarrassed to talk to us about your feelings. I’m going to try my best to always let you know that your feelings MATTER. Even if you think they seem silly, they’re still your feelings and they…

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Thanks for bringing this home!

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So true!

Don't you want my life?


When you have kids, you have to be organized.  The more kids you have, the more organized you are required to be.  You know those mom’s who have five kids; they all seem like they still wear diapers, her house is always a mess, and she looks like she got hit by a truck?  She is not organized.  I remember the moment I realized I was going down that path, and I am not quite sure why I am sharing, as it was one of my biggest parenting fails.  I forgot my son’s kindergarten graduation.  I opened his little folder for homework and there was a picture with him and his little cardboard diploma.  He told me other kids had their parents there while he sat alone with the teacher.  There are no words to describe how bad I felt for him and how disappointed in myself I was.  That…

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You both look very happy! So cute.

My Plant-Based Family

Husband and son sharing saladI can’t tell you how often I hear, “my kids wont eat that” from friends and strangers alike. They hear that my kids eat raw spinach, beans, hummus, or any other “healthy” food and balk at the idea. Allow me to let you in on a little secret, my 4 year old was king of the drive-thru less than 2 years ago. He and I would eat fast food almost everyday; chicken nuggets, cheese burgers, and fries were just a part of our typical day, and let’s not forget pizza and tacos that made weekly visits to our table.

Fast forward 18 months and you find a completely different situation. We still get fast food, but now it’s bean burritos and apple slices and it is not as often; we even have the occasional veggie pizza.

Most of meals are made by me in our kitchen. As you can see from my weekly

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Ellen Is Great!


Daily Brain Farts to Ellen DeGeneres

Day/ Email 465

WH thinks Ellen is soooo great he played a song for her on his harmonica! He offered to play it for me….after I asked him (only once). No, I am not above exploiting my child to get to you. But really, he loves you too. Your Erica, E-Out!

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