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Attention all students! Attention all kids!
Hold onto your horses! Hold onto your lids!
We have just exactly the thing that you need
whenever you’ve way too much homework to read.

The Marvelous Homework & Housework Machine
will always make sure that your bedroom is clean.
It loves to write book reports ten pages long,
then put all your toys away where they belong.

This wonderful gadget will do all your math,
then mop up your messes and go take your bath.
The Marvelous Homework & Housework Machine
is truly like no other gizmo you’ve seen.

It hangs up your clothes on their hangers and hooks,
then reads all your boring geography books.
It brings you a pillow to give you a rest,
then brushes your teeth and prepares for your test.

This thing is amazing. I’m sure you’ll agree.
It feeds you dessert while you’re watching T.V.
There’s only one thing this device will not do.
It won’t eat your Brussels sprouts; they’re, like, P.U.

–Kenn Nesbitt

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Great books for kids

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Great for bedtime



‘Night Night’

This darling little bedtime story app is a sweet way to end the day. Sienna and Alexia really enjoy it. It’s a little farmhouse at night and all the lights are on. When you tap on the lit area you enter that zone and find the light switch, switch it off and you put that animal in that room to bed. You make your way around the farmhouse and when all the animals are asleep the narrator tells us it’s now our turn.






And as an added bonus for those who live in cold climates, you have the option to turn snow on or off.



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great poem

Dom DiFrancesco

The joy of children

There’s no greater innocence

In this savage world

Our responsibility

To protect their purity


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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sound advice

Fitri's Notes

Apa yang akan anda lakukan jika suatu hari anak anda bercerita dengan semangat bahwa dia diancam dengan pisau terbuka di lehernya, karena berebut ayunan? Saya sangat kaget, cemas, dan bingung karena si sulung tampak santai-santai saja menceritakannya. Padahal ibunya langsung cemas setengah mati, ingin berteriak “WHAT?” dan memeluknya erat saat itu juga, yang sayangnya tidak bisa karena sedang menyetir dan mobil di belakang sudah sibuk mengklakson.

Akhirnya saya mendapat cerita yang lebih jelas. Ternyata kejadiannya bermula dari konflik anak-anak biasa: rebutan ayunan. Anak saya ingin ikut bermain ayunan, padahal saat itu ayunannya (yang bisa dinaiki beberapa anak) sudah penuh. Anak saya terus memaksa, mendusel-dusel, dan menjengkelkan anak-anak lainnya. Akhirnya ada satu anak perempuan umur 8 tahun yang mengambil pisau tertutup yang ada di meja dekat situ, dan bersama anak lainnya yang berumur 11 tahun, mereka mengancam, membuka pisaunya, membuka tutup pisau dan menempelkan pisau terbuka ke leher anak saya…huaaaaa!

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Like this!

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I wonder if you’ve ever heard
the tale of my pet Heck
although a fully grown giraffe
he had a tiny neck

When I would put his collar on
to walk him round the track
I had to use a ladder just
to reach his spotted back

When he was young they used to tease
as young giraffes will do
they’d laugh and joke because his neck
was only two foot two

The rest of Heck was normal size

by David Elder

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Once, upon a thyme leaf,
There lived a lazy snail,
Who munched and dozed, and dozed and munched,
On thyme he breakfasted and lunched,
And when it came to half past nine,
He chose once more to dine on thyme.

Later, upon the thyme leaf,
Was a rather plumper snail.
But, reader dear, his life was brief,
For this is no fairy tale.

He ate more and more, and grew fatter and fatter
Until one day he exploded, bang, splat, splatter.
One minute he was there,
The next he’d gone.
The coroner’s verdict
‘A snail thyme bomb’.

Patrick Winstanley

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