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Good advice!

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Baby and mobile phone

So cute!

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i love dr seuss

Nice one!


a few weeks ago, my daughter celebrated her 7th birthday.  being the crafty mum that i am, i could not resist getting my hands on some DIY projects for the party.

aside from the witty rhymes maintained throughout the pages of his books, Dr Seuss is known for his quotes.  i have decided to pick my favorites and produce an 8-pc postcard set for our guests.  please feel free to download. just leave some love if and when you do.




here is the label design for the candy buffet.  aside from the famous red and white hat, the others were printed with the different characters from Dr. Seuss books.

candy tags

we’ve filled up the party hall with seuss-colored balloons and trufulla trees (we had them made out of styro spheres covered with colored furry fabrics).  to add visual reference to the theme, i have made some banners with Dr Seuss characters…

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Chocolate Mug Cake


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So helpful!

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Circus Gone Flat

So funny!

Underneath the Big Top

I know it won’t come as a surprise to you, my loyal readers (Hi Mom!), that meal time can get a little crazy around here.  That is doubly so for lunch, without Mr. Authoritative Ringmaster around.  I curb the ‘getting to the table crazy’ by fixing their lunches before we leave to pick up the big boys from pre-school.  From that point we’ve got a routine that gets us to the table: park car, hand keys to circus boy #1 who unlocks front door, trailed by circus boy #2.  Both boys take off shoes, hang up backpacks and get lunches and drinks out of the fridge and put them on the table.  Meanwhile I get circus boy #3 into the house, shoes removed and to to the table, along with the little princess (who generally waits patiently in her car seat carrier until the boys are eating lunch.  Princess nurses. …

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I couldn’t resist I had to reblog this!

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I like this!

A Pot of Thoughts

I LOVE this article!!  I love books and I’m trying to share my love of books with my daughter. I hope one day we can have popcorn reading parties!


Published: April 24, 2013 (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/25/books/a-splendid-little-book-club-has-ended-its-run.html)

The wine boxes and masking tape are out, because I’ve begun to pack up the last, best books in my children’s picture book library.


This is an overdue task. They’re 13 and 15 now and we haven’t read aloud to them in years. We’ve kept this final stack at hand out of undiluted nostalgia. Moving it into the attic shouldn’t be a big deal. But it is.

In the past, when I’ve had to pack my personal library, what I’ve boxed are talismans of intense yet essentially private experience. Picture books aren’t like this. When you’re putting away these square, dog-eared, popcorn-butter-stained things, you’re confronting an entire cosmos of…

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My dog has got no manners.
I think he’s very rude.
He always whines at dinnertime
while we are eating food.
And when he’s feeling thirsty
and wants to take a drink,
he takes it from the toilet
instead of from the sink.
He never wears a pair of pants.
He doesn’t wear a shirt.
But worse, he will not shower
to wash away the dirt.
He’s not polite to strangers.
He bites them on the rear.
And when I’m on the telephone,
he barks so I can’t hear.When I complained to Mommy,
she said,


“I thought you knew:
the reason that his manners stink—
he learns by watching you.”

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Favorite Book


Mischief Parenting

My favorite book for working with and understanding children is “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child: The Heart of Parenting” by John Gottman, PhD.  The information in this book is based on research of common characteristics of families that had the best outcomes, and written for caregivers and educators.  This book is also great for parents who have kids with special needs who have behaviors that need extra guidance.  I use this book at the heart of my parent education curriculum when I lead parenting groups, and recommend it to everyone who works with children.

If you are not familiar with The Gottman Relationship Institute please familiarize yourself.  Their work with relationships of couples, and the addition of children into a family is amazing.  John Gottman was featured on an episode of This American Life about his work with relationships, and like everything from This American Life is incredibly enjoyable.  Listen…

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Hold On, World

I like this!



Hold on, don’t jump, slow down world, let me brush your wild hair, let me brush your teeth, let me gag you so I can skid the house, the world quiet.

A knot of candy hair hit, and off he soars, reeling.

What was between hands now all run away.

The whole world foaming at the mouth, unkempt, unclean, half-dressed, half-naked, in knots.

My own tiny world too dammed up, too damned behind thin skin, thin heart membranes, too thin protections.

Ahhhh, I sigh, I weep, for him, for her, for Boston, for the ache within, for the lost souls, for our innocence ebbing,

Ahhhh, I breath, ohmming for the unfeeling, ohmming for the feeling too much, ohmming for the breaking inside, for the too much that got’s a hold of the world at the minute, a hold on me.

Wait for me world, wait one minute more,

hold me…

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