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There are two types of working mother mentalities. One school of thought claims that working mums are far more likely to spend their time with their kids in a focused and unselfish way, dictated by the sentiment that their time with them is possibly more limited. The other camp cites the increase in the reliance of smart technology as having a detrimental effect on the time spent with the children. Never being able to demarcate the blurry line between work and home, perhaps with the added pressures of having to work harder to overcome prejudices of part time work, some working mums find themselves nose down in laptop or stabbing away at their Blackberry even before breakfast has finished.

How can busy working mums ensure that the time spent with their kids is spent in a fully focused way?

  1. Make it a “task”. This may sound contentious: Who would consider that spending time with your own children could be considered a chore? This is not what this is about. A task is not necessarily a chore or something that is undesirable. However, tasks often are moved high in the list of priorities because of the perception that they are a requirement, something that must be done. If it helps, think of it as a goal. Too often, the reason that working mums struggle to be fully present with their kids, is because a work or home task has become urgent and has taken priority. If the time spent with the kids is considered in the same way, it then becomes the priority. Create a list of activities that you would like to do with your kids each week, capture them on a calendar and allocate time to them. Then stick to it!
  2. Switch off the phone. Stop it bleeping and flashing. By responding immediately to every request and query you are setting untenable expectations for yourself. When you are with the kids, be with the kids. This tactic will also help your children understand the difference between working time and down time and will be far less likely to interrupt you on the phone during an important business call. Just think, they perhaps consider your answering of the phone during ‘their’ time is a rude interruption and therefore the behaviour is endorsed.
  3. Get out of the house. Especially if your office is your home. It doesn’t need to involve costly entrance prices to theme parks; it just requires a change of scene. By making a big deal of the time, you are shifting expectations of both yourself and your children. Watch as their behaviour improves as the quality of your focus on them is heightened.
  4. Be naturally curious. Of course children can natter on about the most ridiculously meaningless things on a very regular basis, and the temptation is always there to enforce a ‘quiet’ meal time to quell the maelstrom of noise in your head. Occasionally make it your target to find out things about your children you never knew, they will, at times, amaze you.

You’ll hear the cliché many times that the childhood stage is fleeting. As a working mother, it can feel like an eternity at times, however, there will come a day when suddenly the realisation hits that the kids have grown up. Ensure that you have the memories you’ll want to treasure.

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Holiday Wishes


We wish for you a holiday
That’s better than your dreams,
Filled with peace, good will and hope
And firelight that gleams,Overflowing with holiday spirit
Good food and holiday laughter;
And when it’s done, We hope that you
Live happily ever after!By Joanna Fuchs 



Special HolidaysWe’re thinking of you this time of year,
Wishing you happiness, joy, and cheer.
May all your days be warm and bright,
And your nights enhanced by holiday light.Enjoy your delectable holiday foods,
As parties and gifts create holiday moods.
Favorite people play a meaningful part,
While treasured rituals warm your heart.You are special to us in many ways,
So we wish you Happy Holidays!By Joanna Fuchs

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Math by Nicole Braganza

Trigonometry befuddles me
It’s too based on dimension
Algebraic expressions
Are beyond my apprehension
My attempts at geometry
Are not worth any mention
And as for calculus
It so fills me up with tension
Banking and Taxation figures
Never seem to balance
Clearly, you can see that math
Is not one of my talents!

Blast Off by Holly Selby (aged 11)

10 Putting on space suits.
9 Sitting down and buckling up.
8 Pilot checking engine.
7 Blasters start ticking.
6 Leaving the station.
5 Suddenly we’re in the air.
4 Entering space.
3 Passing planets.
2 Getting off on to the moon.
1 Now we’re there!!!!

4X4 Bangs On My Door! by Holly Arbon (aged 11)

1×1 Is lots of fun,
2×2 Can have the ‘flu’,
3×3 Looks at me,
4×4 Bangs on the door ,
5×5 Has survived,
6×6 Picks up sticks,
7×7 Will go too heaven,
8×8 Ate and ate,
9×9 Must climb,
10×10 Is the end

Friday the Thirteenth by Natalie Laws

Don’t forget the day
Bad luck is on the way

1 I woke up late
2 And burnt my toast
3 Spilt milk on shirt
4 Dropped post in dirt
5 Locked out of school
6 Forgot my homework
7 Fell off of chair
(It was a dare)
8 Best friend got sick
9 Couldn’t talk in English lesson
10 Twisted ankle
11 Favourite club got cancelled
12 Mum crashed up car
13 Dad drunk in bar

I’ve had a dreadful day
Bad luck came my way!

Math is Not a Vicious Monster by Suchaita Tenneti

Numbers and digits and problems in words;
Fractions and decimals and ratios-so absurd!
Headaches and nausea before a Math test;
Circles and squares, which are objects of jest!
Statistics and geometry that make you go blue…
If you hate Mathematics-it’s nothing new!
But you can never escape from this dreaded foe
For wherever you go, he’s sure to follow!
A writer, an architect or a mender of shoes-
You need Mathematics no matter what you do!
So put up with Maths’ tears and torment
For his absence shall make you lament!
And whenever you think that equations aren’t fun;
Remember “Math is your friend” and the job shall be done!

I Love The Number Ten by Samantha Revell (aged 10) 

I love the number ten
I write it with my pen
I do it again and again
I love the number ten

I love the number ten
I think about it when
I’m sitting in my den
I love the number ten

I love the number ten
I tell this to my hen
I call her spotty Jen
I love the number ten

Numbers by Roxanne

numbers big
numbers small
numbers that mean nothing at all
numbers in the day
numbers in the night
numbers heavy, numbers light
numbers in maths
numbers in food
numbers everywhere
when I’m just not in the mood!

Adding It Up by William Sissons (aged 10)

1 plus 1 makes a bomb,
2 plus 2 makes gum to chew,
3 plus 3 makes me scared of a bee,
4 plus 4 makes a boar,
5 plus 5 makes me love to dive,
6 plus 6 makes sweets pick an mix,
7 plus 7 makes a holiday in Devon,
8 plus 8 makes a sparkling plate,
9 plus 9 makes trees of pine,
10 plus 10 makes our favourite den.

Nutritious Numbers by Florence Mella (aged 10)

The largest omelette man can prepare
Was one, two, three metres square
Or if you’d rather have a lick,
Of an ice-lolly on a stick
Three, two, one, one kilograms!
Pick some cherries, make some jams
Which makes the pie two O feet wide
(Or six metres from side to side.)

In nineteen hundred and fifty eight
Mr Dexley did create
A sausage, thirteen miles in length
How he even had the strength
To put it straight, end to end
Without giving it the finest bend
Nutritious numbers can record
Expensive fruit we can’t afford

The largest, fattest, biggest meals
It’s numbers that can make them real.

*Reference to Guinness book of Records

Rockets by Sarah Mclaughlin (aged 10)

10 – Passengers feeling shaky;
9 – Relatives saying goodbye,
8 – Passengers heads start to boil,
7 – Whilst engineers check the oil,
6 – Passengers start to be sick,
5 – Whilst others take the mick;
4 – Relatives start to cry,
3 – Passengers start to think about the rocket flying high;
2 – Passengers tighten their seatbelts,
1 – Then KABOOM the rockets off

Which Number by Kelsey Shepherd (aged 11)

My favourite
Number isn’t very big
It is partly round
And partly straight
My number has two digits
The second you might say
Looks like a duck
The first could be an
Upside down 7
It is all even
What could it be?

Answer is 42

Numbers by Stacey

Numbers are for children
Rap is for grown people
I think the number 1 is for old people,
Number 2 is for babies
Number 3 is for dogs
Number 4 is for cats
Number 5 is snacks
Number 6 is for – Kick somebody’s #!$%!

That’s the rap

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